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Stop Wasting Time Complaining

This human experience is not eternal and will soon be gone. The life expectancy is approximately 72.5 years. So my friend, there is no time. There is no time to complain, to be angry, there is no time to be anxious. There is no time NOT to make today the most beautiful and amazing day we can make it. 

Because I make my day, I decide to be happy. I choose peace. I choose joy. I choose love. And the way I do this is by changing my language, whether it be the words that go through my thoughts, the written word I use, or when I talk to people. I remove all the negative words from my vocabulary. I chose to say “Well, I’ve had better days… Haha!” instead of “Today is a shitty day, everything sucks!”. If someone else complains, I repeat what she/he just said and turn it into a positive!!! 

I am here to create a life of love, peace, and freedom. I don’t have the time to be angry, frustrated, or anxious. Nothing in this world is worth loosing my peace, my joy, and my happiness over.

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