Redhead Chloe Morgane - Self-Esteem

Healthy Self-Esteem

A healthy self-esteem starts with self-acceptance. It makes us feel good about ourselves independent of our faults, mistakes, and flaws. We’re less inclined to judge ourselves, and we can more easily embrace who we really are.

Self-acceptance is like unconditional love toward ourselves. This unconditional love doesn’t require that we perform and achieve to build our self-worth. We’re free from the constant pressure to “fix” ourselves, and this lets us humbly affirm our qualities and attributes. We accept all of who we are, strengths and weaknesses.

Self-acceptance liberates us from future oriented thoughts like “I’ll be happy when…”. It allows us to be satisfied with who we are now because our self-worth isn’t based on conditions.

This doesn’t mean we deny our faults and mistakes, or lose our motivation to grow and become a better version of ourselves. We’re simply accepting and loving the beautiful human being we are in the present moment independently of our flaws, weaknesses, success, or achievements.

We don’t have to wait to make a change to love ourselves, we’re already lovable as we are. What needs to change is how we view ourselves.

This change, like any other change, doesn’t happen overnight by snapping our fingers. It needs to become a part of our daily practice. Paying attention to what we say to and about ourselves in our mind and changing the words we use to describe ourselves is a good way to start our practice of self-acceptance.


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