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Developing Willpower

Some say willpower is finite, others say that non-sense. I know from my own experience that my own willpower is definitely finite. My morning choices are always way ahead of my evening choices, when I’m a little more tired and exhausted my willpower.

In a quest to have more of this finite resource, I turned to Dandapani, a Hindu priest who explains the things of the mind in an easy to digest form. He believes that willpower is a finite resource too.

In order to have more willpower, I must implement the tool to practice my willpower into my life instead of making time to create a new practice.

There’s three ways to develop willpower.

  1. Finish what I start
  2. Finish beyond the expectation
  3. Do a little bit more then I think I’m able to do

They all require some effort, and that is willpower. Here’s an example of how I use this tool in my life. Every day I eat. I have the time to make myself food, to eat that food, and so I have the time to do the dishes and put it away. I’ve finished what I started beyond the expectations and did a little more then I usually do because I’ve dried and put away the dishes, I didn’t just let it dry on the counter top.

That’s why I also make my bed every morning; I finish the process of sleep by making my bed and doing it so that there’s no wrinkles in the sheets.

It may sound trivial, but since I’ve incorporated this kind of awareness about willpower into my life, I find it’s easier to do the things that were gruelling in the past.

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  1. Love the way you live….free and open. Your sex is beautiful. Your thoughts are beautiful. Your sharing of your intimate self is beautiful.

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