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Break the Rules of Society

Every day, we have to decide if we’re going to follow or break the rules society puts up for us. When we decide to follow the rules, it kind of limits our opportunity to grow. Society’s rules are often lame. Just think as an example about the health rules put out by bogus scientists paid by XYZ industries or worse, the government’s health rules. Huge industries have the massive marketing power to fool you into thinking that eating their products full of sugar and chemicals is healthy for you. You know I’m not making this up, and it’s the same lies that are perpetuated for so many other areas of lives.

Whether it be my health, money, relationship, or career, I do my own research and experimentation. There are risks involved with that because I have to treat myself as a guinea pig, but I found it’s the only way to get the results I’m after. The growth I experience from choosing my own path is amazing. Settling in for average is so boring, and by following society’s rules, that’s where I would fall.

I like to stop and think about the rules I’ve inherited from my parents, my friends, my teachers, and the collective on the internet. I question whether these rules feel purposeful, fulfilling, and meaningful to me. If not, why follow that rule?  

Fear has been a big obstacle for me to overcome. And really, when I think about fear, it always comes down to something I imagine, something my Ego is afraid of. The only way I found to get out of this kind of fear is to observe it, challenge it, and release it. 

P.S.: I’m not encouraging anyone to break the LAW. I’m talking about conventional wisdom and rules that won’t lead anyone to jail if they break them. 

4 thoughts on “Break the Rules of Society”

  1. Yes, this is definitely true. When you read the biographies of famous and great people you will notice that pretty much all of them were a rule breaker of the society they were living.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger is a classic example because in his society, Austrian children of small villages don´t move to the US and become world class bodybuilder and actor.

  2. Yes, I fully agree.
    When you read the biographies of famous people pretty much all of the were rule breakers of the societies they were living.

  3. I think there are good rules and bad rules. When rules are in alignment with natural laws then the rule is good. For example, we all can drive well on the road because there are laws and rules. We do not think about not following them because they protect us. If you go to certain third word countries the drivers have total freedom to drive any which way and the entire society suffers.

    On the other hand, a bad rule can hurt individual and the society. The big money driven lobbies and interests have made us unwitting victims. The food pyramid of two decades ago has been reversed completely. The drug industry are the modern drug pushers. The food industry pushes unhealthy products.

    So risk taking is needed when there are bad rules (even laws)

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