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One Thing at a Time

My life is a manifestation of where I direct my energy. Energy is what I use all day to do everything: prepare a meal and eat it, talk with friends, work, do the house chores, write this blog post, etc. If I want to create or manifest happiness in my life, but I’m always using my mind to complain, then my energy is directed at complaining, not towards creating happiness.

It could be worse. I might be in the habit of complaining, which means I would go there automatically, I would have become a champion, an elite at complaining. Without realizing it, I would direct my energy at complaining, thus getting even more things to complain about in my life. 

It could be even worse! I might be in the habit of moving my awareness all around in my mind all day long. I would have practiced moving my energy all over the place and become so good at it that I’d think I’d have some sort of deficit disorder. 

Fortunately for me, I’ve discovered that I can concentrate my awareness toward one thing at a time. It’s far from being perfect, but I know that when I’m feeling tired, and it’s not even close to bedtime, it’s because my mind acted like a squirrel for a long period of time, thus I’ve been wasting my energy. 

I want my life to be a manifestation of joy, love, happiness, and compassion, therefore, I concentrate my awareness toward one of these feelings, one at a time. I close my eyes, take a deep breath in and release it slowly, and then, I think of something that I am joyful about. If nothing comes up, I think of something that brought me joy in the past, or something that could possibly bring me joy in the future. What’s important to me is not the thought per say, but the feeling. 

When I feel joy, my energy replenishes. The more I practice feeling the joy, the more joyful I get in my life, and the more joy happens in my life. It manifests itself through all sorts of things, events, people, and often without any reason at all (that’s a little weird, but I’m okay with it). 

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  1. A thought to ponder. We seek things we do not have. If we seek security that means we are basically insecure. If we seek money most of the time , it means we are poor at heart. Joy is when there is no seeking at all. Seeking joy can lead to a fleeting joy that can disappear or a sense of pleasure that is ephemeral. Imagine if one can be joyful for no reason at all, seeking nothing. That would be the ultimate joy

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