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Mental Bad Habits

It’s easy to understand that bad eating habits will eventually take a toll on our health. We totally understand that our bad financial habits will ruin us, or get us into deep debts. And we can predict that in the long run, a friend’s bad drinking habit will catch him up.

Those are all “visible” bad habits.

What about mental bad habits? They’re invisible, and so they’re often insidious.

Researchers have found that envying your friends on Facebook actually leads to depression.

Complaining about your boss, or looking at your friend’s life and thinking “why do they have all the luck?” may seem trivial, but it’s not. It’s eating away your mental strength.

I’ve been thinking about which bad mental habits are holding me back from the life that I truly want. Armed with my list, I can now select the one that’s been doing the most damage. Because I have identified my bad mental habits, I recognize them when they show up.

Again, my goal is not to eradicate the thoughts that create the bad mental habits, but to see them for what they are so that I’m not letting them take over my life. I can then take actions toward what really makes my life worth it.

2 thoughts on “Mental Bad Habits”

  1. A great trick is to think of thoughts like germs. This video explains it much better than I could

    But yeah, avoiding all of the stuff that causes unhealthy emotions like depression really is like mental hygiene. Don’t expose yourself to stuff that breeds bad thought germs, and you will feel happy and functional, because thought germs can affect aspects of your health (like how much energy you have, your cognitive function, your appetite and cravings) just as much as actual bacteria.
    By the way, I cannot recommend that video enough. It’s an eye-opener! It should be a pre-requisite to watch for anybody who wants to use the internet.

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