Art of the 69 Blowjob

There’s an art to the 69 blowjob. Red lips around your cock, beautiful white and pure lingerie, and you, kissing, licking, and eating my pussy.

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Sensual 69 Blowjob

There is an art of the 69 blowjob to both reach orgasm. I love when you come into my mouth, filling me with your delicious cum. It’s enough to start me again to reach another orgasm.

Duration: 08:51 Min.

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Morning Wood Blowjob

You love to eat my pussy in the morning and I love to suck your hard morning wood. You run your fingers along my sensitive spot, and then plunge two inside me. Panting from the pleasure you were giving me, I stop blowing you, using my hands instead.

But you taste so good I want to stick your glistering cock back in my mouth, and suck you harder and deeper. The sensation of being filled is so satisfying I moaned with relief.

I grinned and groaned in pleasure from hearing you lick and suck on my clitoris. Your head buried between my legs, your hands running on my hips, the sensations causing slick, hot, heat waves between my legs that ached for more.

Pushing into my mouth and feeling you up to the sensitive flesh of my throat sent another jolt of electricity straight to my pussy. My muscles are winding up in anticipation of your coming release. The build up is delicious, our bodies tightening and rising as we both work to complete and utter satisfaction.

Loving 69 Blowjob

To kill your boredom, you turn on the TV on. Even with hundreds of channels, there is nothing that attracts your attention until I arrive. You undress me, but can not sit there on the chair because you want to taste my pussy while I suck your cock.

We settle into the light and without wasting time, I suck and you lick me. Our simultaneous pleasure is intense, I feel you hard in my mouth and it makes my clitoris swell. You tease it skilfully with you tongue, and it brings me close to heaven.

You talk to me, tell me what you’re going to do and what you want. My excitement is growing at the same time as yours until you orgasm letting ear roars pleasure!

From Teasing to 69 Blowjob

Trying on a few pieces of lingerie is a teasing experience until we couldn’t take it anymore. The little slap on my ass was the trigger element that made ​​me want to go into the bedroom with you. I know I’m going to give you a hot blowjob.

You push me gently on the bed, you caress my body, and my breasts, but it was you in my mouth that I wanted. You invite me with a “come here” movement of your finger. We reversed positions into our favourite: the 69 blowjob position. This way, we both have a mouthful of each other, and we can give and receive  pleasure at the same time.