And the Winner is…

Last week, there was a contest to win a membership to my site where you had to RT one of my tweets on Twitter, or share one of my posts on Facebook, and post which one you did on my blog.

To make the draw fair, I’ve entered all participants who followed the rules into a table in MySQL, and let it work its magic by returning a RANDOM row from the participants column.

Lucius is the lucky winner of the free one month membership to my site Here’s his comment:

Just retweeted “Happy messy hair #GingerThursday!!”…
Have a great day, Wonder Woman! 😍

How lovely!

Thanks everyone for making this contest so much fun ^.^

Do you have ideas for future contests?

How to Win a Membership

It’s been six months already since I did a draw for a one month membership. My previous formula worked wonderfully, so I’ll use it again, with a few little changes.

To enter to win a one month membership, here’s what you need to do:

  • Either like my Facebook page and share one of my posts, any post, or
  • Follow me on Twitter and retweet one of my tweets, any tweet.

Once you’ve done that, comment on this blog post to tell me which post, and from which platform you’ve shared so I can find it. That’s it!

You have until midnight on Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 (Montreal – EDT) to participate.

Next Thursday, June 30th, 2016, I’ll make a draw to pick the winner, and send him/her a login to!

Good luck!

Over 170 Updates!

Wow, this is all thanks to you! I can’t believe it’s been almost a year and a half, and we’ve already put up 170 updates on the site! Thank you, I am so grateful to have such amazing friends!

Now, is it time to have a summer sale to celebrate this milestone?

Camille xox

P.S.: I haven’t sent you an email last week to be able to reply to more of your messages… Only about 200 to go, patience my dear (it’s a virtue)!

Being Camille Crimson Again

Two weeks ago I asked you for your help about a decision I had to make about using my original name, Camille Crimson, or sticking with my new one, Chloe Morgane.

Hundreds of you have replied and I thank you for all your wise and sound answers to my request for help. About 90% of you suggested I use my original name, Camille Crimson.

Not that you influenced me with your overwhelming enthusiasm for going back to my original name (ok, maybe a little), but I’ve decided to follow the little voice inside my heart and go with Camille.

Thank you so much for your support during those crazy times!
Camille Crimson xox


A girl still needs a vacation even if she adores her work. It’s essential to keep that delicate balance between life/work/recreation.

I’m leaving next Monday on a motorcycle trip to Gaspesia. I might post a few pictures on my Twitter & Facebook, or maybe not. You know how they say you should take a break from your electronics? Well I think I might just try that! Have you?

Do you have vacations coming up? If so, have you planned a trip?

Love you!
Chloe xox

Last Call for Membership Discount

This is just a quick and friendly reminder that you have until May 31, 2015 to enjoy the 20% membership discount. Here’s the link if you couldn’t get it last time:

I also wanted to thank you for responding to my last email with the question “is my work meaningful” and “what could I do to make it even more meaningful“. You rock!!!

Chloe xox

Nice Weather!

I want to go outside and enjoy the nice weather we’ve been waiting for so long! I hope you’re enjoying it too… What’s you’re favourite thing to do when the weather is awesome?

If you want to know what I do, head over to my twitter… : )

Last week’s discount on the membership in the newsletter seem to have been something you guys really liked so I’ll keep it going until May 31, 2015. Here’s the link if you couldn’t get it last week because you aren’t a subscriber of my newsletter:


Still Stuck with the Plate and Screws

Oh noooo! I’m so disappointed! The hospital made a mistake and I couldn’t have my surgery today. I’ll be stuck with the plate and screws for a little while longer until they reschedule.

Still, I want to thank you all for the good luck wishes and all the lovely things you hoped for me for that surgery.

On a bright side, it means I can go to the Motorcycle Show this Friday! I’m looking to buy a small (110 to 250 cc) 4 stroke motocross and this is the place to check them out and ask all my questions. Best of all, I’ll meet all my motorcycle friends there!

Saying Goodbye to my Plate and Screws

This Wednesday, Feb. 25th, I’m going to have surgery to remove my plate and 11 screws from my left leg. I’m excited because I know the pain I feel every day will go away.

It means I might be able to run again. It means I’ll be able to jump without feeling as if the screws want to come out of my bone. Dancing? You bet! And ho! That will feel so good!

And then, I looked a my x-rays. For a split second, I didn’t want the screws and the plate out. They’re mine. They’re part of me and they are who I am. It’s almost as if I’d be incomplete without them.

But that feeling lasted only for a split second…