Consuming Love in a Fast Thrust

You came up to me to give me your cock. My mouth watering, I took it all while you thrusted in and out. That’s not what you had in mind tho. While you lay down behind me, I smiled because you were so tasty in my mouth. What you wanted was to make love to me and you immediately put your dick in my pussy, starting to thrust at different rythme.

You know I like a little spanking on my pussy, especially when it has a cock inside. As you spank my pussy, I feel your cock getting even bigger. It arouses both very much. You always surprise me, and you did it again, wetting your fingers and rubbing my clitoris, getting me so close to coming.

You slowed down to let me feel your cock inside me, but your ardour took over. You consumed our lust and love at a very fast pace while my legs closed. Wanting to hold me by the leg, I open them for you and felt the passion of your desire in my wet pussy.

Thrusting in and out at a fast pace, holding my hips you come before me in an intense orgasm. While you try to come back to reality, I masturbate with your cock still inside me. It’s all juicy and warm from your cum and that’s enough to make myself come in a deep and strong orgasm.

Slowly, you come out. I caress my feverish pussy, slide a finger inside to get some cum and rub it on. Our love was consumed in a fast thrust.

Vintage Blowjob and Anal Fingering

I see you lying on our retro couch, inviting my mind to all kind of sexy thoughts. I join you on the couch and rub my body on yours while you caress and finger my butt. As I feel you grow, I decide to go down and suck you. I use my hands and they get all slippery and wet. It gives me an idea: while I give you a blow job in this vintage setting, I’ll finger my ass! Umm! You can’t see, but you know me well enough to realize where my fingers are. We’re both aroused and we come. You pour your cream in my mouth, but a little bit slipped out and I simply lick it so there is no waste of your deliciousness!

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Outdoor Passionate Sex, Amazing Blowjob and Sensual Facial

We kiss. He grabs my derriere. I get down and he offers me his cock. I sensually relish on the deliciousness of its head and give my man the look of a girl who wants more. His desire is ardent and he makes me engulf his hardness deep, deep, deep. He turns me around, rides me hard, puts his index finger in my ass and turns me back to cream my face.

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Relaxing Blowjob and Cumshot in my Throat

He’s just like me, he likes to relax in the sun, bathing his body in the warmth of the autumn light. I’m thinking of joining him but kissing his sweet lips just makes me crave his beautiful cock. I check to see if my kisses had any effect on him and when I see he’s got a bump in his boxer, I am compelled to give him a relaxing blowjob.

I kiss and caress his engorged cock while he’s still wearing his boxers. I just want to remove them and feast on his delicious dick. When I see its gorgeousness, I can’t help but take it in my mouth, lick it, tease its head through its foreskin.

From there on, I simply give it my best. Deep throating, stroking with my hand, sucking without my hands, swirl my tongue, licking and kissing. I love to have his beautiful cock in mouth and I want to make the pleasure last, but every good thing must come to an end. It’s a fantastic ending, your powerful orgasm sends your cum deep inside my throat. I don’t swallow right away, I want to taste your creamy cum!

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Wild Sex and Steamy Blowjob Facial

Sometimes my love for you is so intense that the mere fact that you touch my skin with the tip of your fingers unleashes a torrent of almost uncontrollable desire in me.

Outdoor Blowjob Facial

You caress and tease my pussy through my shorts. The effect you have on me by touching me this way is like magic. And when you bring me to you, taking my ass in your hands, my legs become soft. So I crouched down and kiss the bulge in your jeans. Your cock tells me you want me; that’s one of the nicest compliment to a woman.

In the forest, we are safe from the noise and bustle of the city. The scene is beautiful, you and me discovering our animal side. You taste so good and I know you love the warmth of my mouth around your cock. I want to taste you more. I take your hand and places it behind my head to show you that I want you to push your swollen cock down my throat. Your mighty hand dominates me for some time and my excitement becomes incredibly intense.

You want to take control and I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re teasing me by giving me little knock on the mouth, tongue and cheek with your cock. Then you want me to lick your balls. Slowly, tenderly I execute myself. I feel at this time a mixture of submission and power, I lower myself to lick your balls but this delicate part of you gives me great power over you.

I finally feel that you’ll come. You lean my head back and splash my face with your sperm. I am happy and I take the warm cream from my cheeks to taste it. Delicious!

Kissing Blowjob, Foreskin Love, and Eating Your Cum

Slowly, I kiss your cock, take it tenderly between my lips while you caress my thighs and butt. My hair bother me so I decided to tie them up. You take this occasion to stroking my pussy through my panties!

Once my hair out of the way, I continue to kiss your cock and caress it with my lips. I give lots of love to your foreskin and I see the effect it has on you: you become bigger, taller, stronger!

After this languorous foreplay, I want to suck you, to feel your cock in my mouth, on my tongue. I push your foreskin and reveal your head with my lips and I put a little more energy onto sucking you. It’s good and I admit I get carried away. I use both my hands to stroke you because I’m eager to taste your warm and creamy sperm.

You do not disappoint me and I get your cum in my hungry mouth. I let a trickle of semen flow because I like licking after swallowing; it is as if there was more.

Finally, I take my time to properly clean you: I lick your balls and even further down your buttocks. I want to kiss you but you push me and teasing me laughing of this game!

Wild Sex in the Forest

I’m lucky because when I want to go into the forest, all I have to do is go into my backyard! Wild animals like deer, porcupines and maybe even bears live there.

I like to walk with my lover in the forest, I feel like a she-wolf, and I want him to fuck me. My wolf does not need to be asked twice; he unzips his shorts and gives me his already hard cock to taste.

I want him to enter my hot and wet pussy, so I present my behind to him. He quickly lifts my skirt and slides my g-string aside to slip his cock in my pussy and make me moan with pleasure.

He wants me to taste the flavour of my juices. I turn to suck him, but he grabs my hair with his strong hands to push his cock deeply into my throat. I’m so excited that I have to touch myself, caress my clitoris while he continues to thrust in my mouth and in my throat.

The desire to feel his hot cum rushing into me is stronger than anything. I turn again, he enthusiastically fills me, and his pelvic movements are intensely passionate, so much so that he ends up coming and giving me what I wanted: a pussy filled with tasty cream.

A small drop escapes…but before it falls and gets wasted, I collect it on my finger and decide to have my wolf get a taste of it. We can share after all!

Blowjob and Cumshot Compilation

Nothing is more exciting for me to hear your orgasm, to feel you quiver and taste your cum. At this precise moment in time when we connect through my hands, my mouth and your cock gives me this hot, creamy and delicious reward that is your cum.

Blowjob Cumshot in my Mouth

I really feel feline in my violet lingerie and I want to suck you, to feel you swelling in my mouth. With my ass in the air, I invite you to caress me between my cheeks, to put my thong aside so you can touch my anus.

You want to feel the warmth of my pussy so I turn and present it to you. It is wet and ready to welcome your hard cock inside. I feel you slide inside me; the first time you enter is always the most surprising.

You fuck me and slapping my butt so intensely that I bite my fingers! I pulled on the blanket because I feel so much delight. My buttocks are red with pleasure. To add even more enjoyment, you let a trickle of saliva fall on my anus and push your thumb deeply. You hold me this way, I’m hooked and you can direct me as you see fit.

Finally, you ask me to suck your cock to make you cum. You grab my head and you thrust your cock deeply into my mouth until you reach the back of my throat, making me gag. Still, I want more, I want you deep in my throat. And then you pour your cream in your mouth. What a treat and what a reward for your little hussy redhead!