Outdoor Wild Sex and Blowjob Cumshot

Outdoor wild sex is fun. A little bit of Watkins makes it even better especially during mosquito season! I set my eyes on a tree trunk that has fallen on the ground. It was the perfect hight for me to bend over and give you access to my soft and juicy pussy.

Before you please me, I decide to suck your beautiful cock. It’s so soft to the touch and delicious, I want to take it all, deep inside. I tease your foreskin with my tongue and then let it slid to reveal your cock head. I blow you without using my hands. It seems you are enjoying the way I suck you because you put your hand on my hand and start to swing in and out of my mouth.

Our excitement is high and so I get up and turn around to give you my pussy, which you eagerly take. It’s so good to feel you inside, I could cum in just a few seconds, but you want to give me even more pleasure. Your index finger wander a little around my ass hole. Oh! how I want you to push it inside! As if you read my mind, you slide your index finger inside my ass hole. This pushes me to the edge. I can take it anymore and have to cum.

Now that you gave me full pleasure, I tuck my skirt down and get all my attention to your cock. It doesn’t take long before you too travel to ecstasy. Your cum shoots into my mouth and on my cheek! What a delightful way to end our little outdoor wild sex adventure in the woods…

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Glorious Sex and Facial

You slid the small metal tab down to unzip your jeans and they dropped down on the floor revealing your beautiful cock. You put it in my mouth and I start to lick, suck and deep throat it. My pussy tighten with desire and I let out a sigh when I felt you fingers slide down along my ass and along my wet slit.

I eagerly look at you while you move behind me. Add saliva so you could rub my clit and slip up to my anus, rolling your fingers around, making my pussy even more wet as you teased me mercilessly. Ripples of excitement travels through my body as you slide inside my wet pussy, going in and and out, fucking me hard right from the start.

Before the pleasure became overwhelming, you stopped, wanting to feel my mouth and let me taste my juices. I gasped with pleasure as you began fingering my pussy. Your fingers continued to mimic the motion you were doing earlier while fucking me.

I was so ready to be taken again, for you to plunge your hard cock deep inside me and thrust it in, over and over until I can’t take any more. But you had other plans and asked me where I’ve put the black dildo.Intrigued, I wait for you.

You hand me the dildo and I slide it inside my tight pussy. You want to get your cock inside as well but two is to much for my tight pussy. So you remove the dildo and continue to fuck me instead. You don’t let the dildo do nothing for to long and simply put it in my mouth. And then you finger me, stimulating my g-spot bringing us so close to orgasm. I use the dildo, you get in front of me, and almost immediately cum on my face in a beautiful facial.

Outdoor Passionate Sex, Amazing Blowjob and Sensual Facial

We kiss. He grabs my derriere. I get down and he offers me his cock. I sensually relish on the deliciousness of its head and give my man the look of a girl who wants more. His desire is ardent and he makes me engulf his hardness deep, deep, deep. He turns me around, rides me hard, puts his index finger in my ass and turns me back to cream my face.

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Wild Sex and Steamy Blowjob Facial

Sometimes my love for you is so intense that the mere fact that you touch my skin with the tip of your fingers unleashes a torrent of almost uncontrollable desire in me.

Outdoor Blowjob and Succulent Facial

Being outdoors and giving a blowjob feels so natural. There’s something very animal in this act. And when my boyfriend grabs my head and pushes himself deep inside my mouth, I can feel the excitement and wetness between my legs.

My boyfriend loves teasing my pussy through my jeans shorts. And I love kissing his hard on through his jeans. After I unzip his jeans, I can rightfully take his cock in my mouth, suck it, lick it and kiss it. While he’s in my mouth, I give him that look that says: “Please, give me more, grab my head and push yourself deep in my throat, please, please, please!”

I’ll let you see for your self how this succulent story ends 😛

If you love skilled, sensual blowjob, but with a little bit of wilderness, get your membership and watch as I give sexy blowjobs, intense deep throating, and receive mouthful and delicious cumshots!

Outdoor Blowjob Facial

You caress and tease my pussy through my shorts. The effect you have on me by touching me this way is like magic. And when you bring me to you, taking my ass in your hands, my legs become soft. So I crouched down and kiss the bulge in your jeans. Your cock tells me you want me; that’s one of the nicest compliment to a woman.

In the forest, we are safe from the noise and bustle of the city. The scene is beautiful, you and me discovering our animal side. You taste so good and I know you love the warmth of my mouth around your cock. I want to taste you more. I take your hand and places it behind my head to show you that I want you to push your swollen cock down my throat. Your mighty hand dominates me for some time and my excitement becomes incredibly intense.

You want to take control and I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re teasing me by giving me little knock on the mouth, tongue and cheek with your cock. Then you want me to lick your balls. Slowly, tenderly I execute myself. I feel at this time a mixture of submission and power, I lower myself to lick your balls but this delicate part of you gives me great power over you.

I finally feel that you’ll come. You lean my head back and splash my face with your sperm. I am happy and I take the warm cream from my cheeks to taste it. Delicious!

Blowjob and Cumshot Compilation

Nothing is more exciting for me to hear your orgasm, to feel you quiver and taste your cum. At this precise moment in time when we connect through my hands, my mouth and your cock gives me this hot, creamy and delicious reward that is your cum.

Blowjob Cumshot in my Mouth

I really feel feline in my violet lingerie and I want to suck you, to feel you swelling in my mouth. With my ass in the air, I invite you to caress me between my cheeks, to put my thong aside so you can touch my anus.

You want to feel the warmth of my pussy so I turn and present it to you. It is wet and ready to welcome your hard cock inside. I feel you slide inside me; the first time you enter is always the most surprising.

You fuck me and slapping my butt so intensely that I bite my fingers! I pulled on the blanket because I feel so much delight. My buttocks are red with pleasure. To add even more enjoyment, you let a trickle of saliva fall on my anus and push your thumb deeply. You hold me this way, I’m hooked and you can direct me as you see fit.

Finally, you ask me to suck your cock to make you cum. You grab my head and you thrust your cock deeply into my mouth until you reach the back of my throat, making me gag. Still, I want more, I want you deep in my throat. And then you pour your cream in your mouth. What a treat and what a reward for your little hussy redhead!

Loving 69 Blowjob

To kill your boredom, you turn on the TV on. Even with hundreds of channels, there is nothing that attracts your attention until I arrive. You undress me, but can not sit there on the chair because you want to taste my pussy while I suck your cock.

We settle into the light and without wasting time, I suck and you lick me. Our simultaneous pleasure is intense, I feel you hard in my mouth and it makes my clitoris swell. You tease it skilfully with you tongue, and it brings me close to heaven.

You talk to me, tell me what you’re going to do and what you want. My excitement is growing at the same time as yours until you orgasm letting ear roars pleasure!

Hot Blowjob in Mexico Hotel Room

Waiting for you, I flip the Mexico table book, but it’s cool in the room so I put down the book and go outside to watch the blue sky and the beautiful landscape that’s right in front of me.

I turn my head when I hear the door open. It’s been only 10 minutes that we parted and I already miss you! We entwined in each other’s arms and kiss for a long moment before you push me gently on the couch.

You’re at the right height, just in front of my mouth and it makes me want to suck you. I detach your swimsuit and I’m happy to take you into my hot, wet mouth. What a pleasure to feel you grow and harden until you touch the back of my throat!

With a naughty voice, you ask me to turn around. You undressed and fondle my breasts, then you firmly press them in your hands while you go in and out of my mouth. Touching my pussy, you feel that I’m extremely aroused…

I turn around, I want to see you when you orgasm. And in this position, you can give me a beautiful facial!