Your Self Image is Who You Are

Your self-image is how you see yourself. It’s also all the things you believe you are and what you think you can do. It won’t be a surprise then if I tell you that your self-image commands your emotions and actions.

Believe you’re a lazy couch potato, and you are. Believe you are strong, and full of energy, and you will be. Change your beliefs about your self-image, change your life.

Those who don’t have a positive self-image seem to have trained to see only the nasty little faults in their appearance, in their thinking, or in their behaviour. They’re disappointed in how they look, what they say, or when they do something they believe is stupid.

Knowing Where You Stand

I know I struggle with the way I treat myself. It even makes feel hesitant to express and assert myself. I sometimes think I fail to take on opportunities, live incredible experiences, and even feel helpless about changing small and big things in my life. I need to draw out an incredible amount of courage and energy to believe I’m good enough, strong enough, and that I deserve the good things in life. Altho I know exactly where it comes from, I find it incredibly hard to change.

Practice Positive Self-Image

It takes time to develop a positive self-image, but the efforts should be wonderfully compensated. As research shows, people with a positive self-image focus on growth and improvement, and people with a more negative self-image focus on not making mistakes.

While doing research for this post, I found many resources that describe how to achieve a positive self-image. In theory, it looks fairly easy, but most of the articles have so many steps that I’m currently paralyzed. I don’t know where to start.

So for now, I’m simply acknowledging I have a not so positive self-image. When I find my next step, I’ll share it with you, and you can share yours with me too. In the mean time, have you also struggledwith your self-image?

Question: What Gets You Turned On For Sex?

I received this question in my email a while ago. At first, I wanted to think about it, just to put every element in place in order to draft a clear response. Then I realized that thinking and sex were not the best mix. After all, sex is something primal, something we feel, and desire. So I close my eyes, and let my imagination reply to the question. It’s personal, but not so much that I can’t share it with you.

The Slow Start

It often starts in the neck. Soft kisses, and the warm breath of my lover on my skin give me shivers. It’s even better if he’s behind me, and holds me tight. I guess that makes me feel secure. Whether we’re in the kitchen, in the bed, or in a public place, this will instantly arouse me.

The French Kiss

There’s been studies about kissing which are quite fascinating. For my part, the French kiss will wake my desires immediately. First, with just our lips touching. Then the tip of our tongues. It’s warm, soft, and moist. And then we go for the whole exchange of saliva, when passion rises higher and higher.

He Wants me Now!

That’s when he throws me on the bed, or bend me over. He uses his strength to take me. He takes control, and the smell of testosterone fills the air. I’m not resisting, and the feeling of surrender makes me feel secure, and intimate. It turns me on to feel the strength, and power of my lover.

Tell me What You’re Going to do to Me

The first phrase, when he calls me names or tells me what he would do to me, is always a surprise. But the second is like a spell that turns my brain chemistry into a witch’s bubbling magic potion cauldron.

There are other things that get me turned on for sex, but those are the first ones that came to me when I closed my eyes. They’re not fantasies when I’m alone. Telling you about those would probably make me blush. They’re simple, and they reflect the real interactions I have with my lover.

What’s ONE thing that gets YOU turned on for sex?

Featured image from Chloe Morgane’s sex video Make Love to Me

Blowjob with Love

There’s something about giving a blowjob with love, and luxurious pieces of lingerie that makes everything more classy and sultry. But even dressed up like this, you manage to get me to laugh and make everything un-serious when you punch me on the face… with your dick!!!

PS: No redheads were harmed in the making of this film!

Duration: 13:28 Min.

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Eating Your Delicious Creampie

What could be better to a cum lover to eat the delicious creampie that filled her up?

I Wanna Feel You Deep

Getting on all fours, you have the best view of my ass and pussy, and I can feel you deep with each thrust you give.

Duration: 07:04 Min.

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Sucking you Makes me Wet

I like to start a blowjob when you’re soft. Seeing and feeling you grow in my mouth is wonderful, making my desire for you bloom. While I’m on all fours, our favourite position, you can easily access my pussy and play with my clitoris. My tongue is agile, going in between your skin, teasing your cock head.

You want to return the favour, giving me pleasure with your fingers. You flutter them on my clitoris, push them inside me, and I suck and lick you like a woman whose desires are to the roof. I feel you inside me on both ends. It makes my body shiver, and soon, we’re following a silent rhythm. In, out, in, out. Your fingers inside me, my mouth gorging on you hard, tasty dick.

There’s electricity surrounding us. The movements we create, me sucking you faster, bringing you closer with each stroke, and you fingering my pussy, sending jolts in my body, are sparking the air with the smell of ecstasy. Soon, you let go. You moan, and at this moment, I can taste the pure, mellow cum from your orgasm filling my mouth. I play with the semen, letting it drip on your cock, sucking it all up, licking every drop as I wouldn’t want to waste any of your precious cream.

Duration: 05:26 Min.

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Three Orgasms for me, One for You

You’re naked and hard. I come close to you, and climb over, making contact with your hot cock with my wet pussy. I place it between my pussy’s lips and start to rub my clitoris on its silky head. You enjoy my pretty pink night. It lets you see my hard nipples through the silky fabric. Your hands are drawn to them, you want to feel my soft breasts in your strong hands, and tease my nipples.

I tell you that if I continue rubbing myself like this on you, I will come. Your answer is delightful to my ears. You tell me to let go, to come as hard as I want. I’m inflamed, and you add to my arousal by grabbing my breasts, caressing them and pinching my nipples. One-zero for me.

You’re aroused and hard, but you want to feel my mouth, my tongue, my lips on your beautiful cock. I lick you, suck your cock head, and deep-throat you. You’re enjoying the warmth of my delicate mouth, but your desire to fill my pussy is greater than you, you can’t resist. You want to see your cock go inside me.

As I ride you, you enjoy the view. You caress my belly, lifting my nightie to get a glimpse of your hard cock getting in and out of me. We get on the same beat, in and out. The rhythm accelerates and I can feel your cock head stimulate my g-spot as you hold me to penetrate me deeper. Your mind is dirty, you let it speak to me. You ask me to go and taste my juices on your cock.

When I’m done cleaning you, I get back on top. I ride you harder, you penetrate me deeper, faster. Our rhythm is synchronized. We’re building ecstasy with each movement. Our bodies are on fire, and we come together. Two to one for me.

You’re happy and still on your orgasmic cloud, but I’m not done with you yet. I still feel you inside me, and I still have the energy to come. You agree that I should have another orgasm. I let my body dance on you, it’s guiding me to a third orgasm. This one’s shorter, but still amazing. And it’s three to one for me!

Duration: 12:15 Min.

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Morning Wood Blowjob

You love to eat my pussy in the morning and I love to suck your hard morning wood. You run your fingers along my sensitive spot, and then plunge two inside me. Panting from the pleasure you were giving me, I stop blowing you, using my hands instead.

But you taste so good I want to stick your glistering cock back in my mouth, and suck you harder and deeper. The sensation of being filled is so satisfying I moaned with relief.

I grinned and groaned in pleasure from hearing you lick and suck on my clitoris. Your head buried between my legs, your hands running on my hips, the sensations causing slick, hot, heat waves between my legs that ached for more.

Pushing into my mouth and feeling you up to the sensitive flesh of my throat sent another jolt of electricity straight to my pussy. My muscles are winding up in anticipation of your coming release. The build up is delicious, our bodies tightening and rising as we both work to complete and utter satisfaction.

Soft Caresses and Tender Lovemaking

Your soft caresses on my pussy are enough to make it juice up inside, but when you take my panties off and start rubbing your beautiful cock on my pussy, I simply can’t hold my moans anymore.

Chocolate Milk and Creampie

I love chocolate milk. Who doesn’t! So I made myself a glass and started drinking it when you arrived behind me and took a few sip from my glass.

What went on after that was very erotic. I sucked your cock, then you fucked me, I sucked your cock some more and you came inside my pussy.

A chocolate milk and a creampie… what a great combination!