Lessons from the Rally Crush Canada

Last Friday and Saturday, I participated in the Rally Crush Canada. It’s a navigation rally held in La Tuque, where you ride your motorcycle off-road for either two or three days. You wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning, and come back around six at night.

Some trails are just amazingly beautiful, and easy to ride. Others are commonly referred to as Vietnam. I don’t know many riders who haven’t fallen, except perhaps Chris Birch, who was the special guest of the rally. At the end of day three, Chris rode a Trial course with his KTM 1190. He was unbelievably graceful.

Here’s the lessons I’ve learned from the rally. You can use those lessons in your day-to-day life.

First, before doing this kind of event, you need preparation. Your mind, your body, your motorbike, and your stuff for the rally has to be ready. Unfortunately, one bike wasn’t so ready. And then, there was the question, “What am I going to wear?”.

For everything that’s not ready, your energy level drops. For every choice you have to make, your energy level drops again. Having many options isn’t always better. In fact, it’s a waste of time and energy. Although all my stuff was ready, I felt the energy drain from my team’s un-readiness and choices from their too many options. When you know it will be a tough run, be ready… Prepare, prepare, prepare and eliminate your options!

The second lesson, I learned it in the hard trail. It was the hardest trail I’ve ever ridden. And I complained about it. I said things like, “This is hard!”, and “I have no more energy!”. Instead, I could have replenished my energy with thoughts of courage and victory, and use my body to feel invincible. I bet it would have been much easier!

The third lesson is simple. Tough patches last for a brief moment. Because you’ve just lived hell, even if the rest of the road is rough, it will seem easy compared to what has just passed.

I’ve learned those lessons the hard way on Saturday. I’ve fallen many, many times, and my legs are full of bruises, some being deep dark purple. It was a test of character, and I’m proud to say that I’ve passed. I love off-road motorcycle not just because of the thrill, but for the life lessons it teaches me.

~ Photo credit: my best co-rider girl friend ever!

Still Stuck with the Plate and Screws

Oh noooo! I’m so disappointed! The hospital made a mistake and I couldn’t have my surgery today. I’ll be stuck with the plate and screws for a little while longer until they reschedule.

Still, I want to thank you all for the good luck wishes and all the lovely things you hoped for me for that surgery.

On a bright side, it means I can go to the Motorcycle Show this Friday! I’m looking to buy a small (110 to 250 cc) 4 stroke motocross and this is the place to check them out and ask all my questions. Best of all, I’ll meet all my motorcycle friends there!

3 Days Home Alone

This week-end is the Orange Crush rally. I will not be able to attend because the ride is over 900 km off-road over two days and my leg and knee wouldn’t survive. That’s perfectly fine because I know I will be in great shape next year to participate.

So, this week-end, I’ll be home alone because my boyfriend is a volunteer for the event. His skills and passion are greatly appreciated as this kind of rally requires much organization.

What will I do during those three long days without my lover? I have some ideas and you’ll be able to see it in the coming weeks on www.chloemorgane.com!

I post lovely soft photographs on Facebook and get much bolder on Twitter with very tasty photos! Share your thoughts or comments or simply come say “Hi!” 🙂


On the Way to Murdochville

Gaspesia has such a diversity in its scenery. Mountains, valleys, beaches and the seaside are all part of the daily scene that people who live there can enjoy. It’s also a paradise for people like me who love off-road motorcycling, quad and snowmobile rides.

Chloe Morgane - Motorcycle Trip to Murdochville Through Forest Roads

We used the forest roads to go to Murdochville by motorbike. Some roads were rough, with holes and big rocks. Some were smooth but were on loose slippery gravel and some were very easy to ride because the earth was firm.

Chloe Morgane - Motorcycle Trip to Murdochville Through Forest Roads

Murdochville is a small mining town that looks more like a ghost town. It’s one of only a few inland communities in Gaspesia. Understandably, people prefer living by the sea…

Chloe Morgane - Motorcycle Trip to Murdochville Through Forest Roads

They used to mine copper, but the price of the metal on the market became too low as opposed to the cost of mining it. They had to shut them down. That’s what the local dude told us 🙂

Chloe Morgane - Motorcycle Trip to Murdochville Through Forest Roads

Remains of the mining days are still around for tourists to visit. There’s even a guided tour of the first mine.