The Frenchmaid – Halloween Special

I had a lot of dusting to do, but I got interrupted in the middle of the job. Taking my feather duster from my hands, you decide to work with it on my butt… It tickles! The view you have is to much for you. While your hand caresses my pussy and my ass, you cock gets bigger and bigger. I get down and suck it, just long enough to get you deep inside my throat and suck your balls. Our bodies want each other. I turn around so you can take me from behind. You’re pounding me and I’m clearly loving it, but somehow you stop. Something’s on your mind. You make me come; it’s a g-spot kind of orgasm. Now it’s your turn. With your index finger in my ass, you thrust fast and hard until you come inside my pussy.

Happy Halloween from the Frenchmaid!

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Fuck me From Behind

Lying on my belly on the side of the bed, wearing only my gorgeous white lingerie kit, I offer myself to you. Your strong hand caressing my butt, playing with my garter belt, sliding a finger on the side of my panty give you a beautiful erection.

With on hand holding on┬ámy shoulder, you use the other to grab your cock and tease my wet pussy with the tip. I moan softly out of anticipation for what’s to come.

As you slide fully inside me, I close my eyes and a smile engulf my face. Making love to me slowly at first, feeling every inch of my tight, my wet pussy as you push deep inside me.

With the view of my lovely ass hole, you want to give me even more but sliding your finger in. I love when you play with my ass and this brings me even closer to orgasm.

Grunting as loud as I dared, I came, wave after wave of pleasure breaking over me. This being too much for you, you cam shortly after, pouring your cum deep inside me.

Wearing Only Leopard Lingerie in the Cold Winter

It is still winter but the temperature has given us a break from the intense cold. I took the opportunity to put my roaring lingerie and turn myself into a little wild thing in the forest.

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Hear me Roar

Self love, self pleasuring, I’m rediscovering my body, exploring my intimacy. I would have loved to offer you my wetness and my roaring orgasm. I caught it for you in the wild so you can watch it later tonight or maybe we could watch it together, and you could hear me roar!