Outdoor Wild Sex and Blowjob Cumshot

Outdoor wild sex is fun. A little bit of Watkins makes it even better especially during mosquito season! I set my eyes on a tree trunk that has fallen on the ground. It was the perfect hight for me to bend over and give you access to my soft and juicy pussy.

Before you please me, I decide to suck your beautiful cock. It’s so soft to the touch and delicious, I want to take it all, deep inside. I tease your foreskin with my tongue and then let it slid to reveal your cock head. I blow you without using my hands. It seems you are enjoying the way I suck you because you put your hand on my hand and start to swing in and out of my mouth.

Our excitement is high and so I get up and turn around to give you my pussy, which you eagerly take. It’s so good to feel you inside, I could cum in just a few seconds, but you want to give me even more pleasure. Your index finger wander a little around my ass hole. Oh! how I want you to push it inside! As if you read my mind, you slide your index finger inside my ass hole. This pushes me to the edge. I can take it anymore and have to cum.

Now that you gave me full pleasure, I tuck my skirt down and get all my attention to your cock. It doesn’t take long before you too travel to ecstasy. Your cum shoots into my mouth and on my cheek! What a delightful way to end our little outdoor wild sex adventure in the woods…

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Outdoor Masturbation with my Classy Glass Dildo

Sitting on a rock, in the forest, I slowly start to remove my jeans. I touch myself over my red cotton panties and then reach for my glass toy. Taking it out of it’s soft velvety cover, I marvel at its beauty. It doesn’t take long before I put it into my mouth to heat it up. I feel the grooves on the shaft and that makes me want to have it in my wetness. I play with my toy, pushing it in, taking it out while I roll my jewel. I’m enjoying this self-indulgence, but at some point, I need to come. I do and hear my moans echo in the forest.

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Outdoor Passionate Sex, Amazing Blowjob and Sensual Facial

We kiss. He grabs my derriere. I get down and he offers me his cock. I sensually relish on the deliciousness of its head and give my man the look of a girl who wants more. His desire is ardent and he makes me engulf his hardness deep, deep, deep. He turns me around, rides me hard, puts his index finger in my ass and turns me back to cream my face.

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Redhead in Nature

Everyday, I take time to go outside, in nature. It makes my heart happy, it fills me up with good feelings, and if I ever have worries, they just transform into challenges instead. Stress is too weak against the beauty of a forest, a lake, a flower, or a tree.

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The Best Season of All Starts In Only 5 Days

There’s only just a few days left to summer before my favourite season starts. Autumn smells delicious, and offers the most beautiful, vibrant and colourful sceneries.

Altho it gets colder here in Canada, there are still a few weeks where Dan and I will be able to shoot outside. Since I’ve tasted the joy of lovemaking outdoors, I feel I have some catching up to do!

Outdoor Blowjob and Succulent Facial

Being outdoors and giving a blowjob feels so natural. There’s something very animal in this act. And when my boyfriend grabs my head and pushes himself deep inside my mouth, I can feel the excitement and wetness between my legs.

My boyfriend loves teasing my pussy through my jeans shorts. And I love kissing his hard on through his jeans. After I unzip his jeans, I can rightfully take his cock in my mouth, suck it, lick it and kiss it. While he’s in my mouth, I give him that look that says: “Please, give me more, grab my head and push yourself deep in my throat, please, please, please!”

I’ll let you see for your self how this succulent story ends 😛

If you love skilled, sensual blowjob, but with a little bit of wilderness, get your membership and watch as I give sexy blowjobs, intense deep throating, and receive mouthful and delicious cumshots!

Outdoor Blowjob Facial

You caress and tease my pussy through my shorts. The effect you have on me by touching me this way is like magic. And when you bring me to you, taking my ass in your hands, my legs become soft. So I crouched down and kiss the bulge in your jeans. Your cock tells me you want me; that’s one of the nicest compliment to a woman.

In the forest, we are safe from the noise and bustle of the city. The scene is beautiful, you and me discovering our animal side. You taste so good and I know you love the warmth of my mouth around your cock. I want to taste you more. I take your hand and places it behind my head to show you that I want you to push your swollen cock down my throat. Your mighty hand dominates me for some time and my excitement becomes incredibly intense.

You want to take control and I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re teasing me by giving me little knock on the mouth, tongue and cheek with your cock. Then you want me to lick your balls. Slowly, tenderly I execute myself. I feel at this time a mixture of submission and power, I lower myself to lick your balls but this delicate part of you gives me great power over you.

I finally feel that you’ll come. You lean my head back and splash my face with your sperm. I am happy and I take the warm cream from my cheeks to taste it. Delicious!

Naughty on the Bonaventure Island

My trip to Gaspe was extraordinary. One of the not to be missed attractions is the Percé Rock. A cruise of about an hour have us discover the Rock and the Bonaventure Island.

We decided to land on the island to see if we could find a place hidden from prying eyes where we could have a little fun while still having a stunning view of the Percé Rock.

Just after taking off my shoes, socks and pants a stranger came to the place we chose to do naughty things.

Nevertheless, I still had a few tasty licks of my lover’s cock, and then he had fun taking some shots of my ass and my cleavage.