One of the Most Wonderful Places On Earth

Some people are lucky enough to live in countries where life is good. I’m one of those lucky people. My country is wonderful; we live in peace, we have good health system, we have freedom, but most importantly, we still have vast green spaces to get in touch with nature.

From my home, I can walk 15 minutes and wind up in a natural open space. All I do there is take a few photos with my iPhone and then sit on a rock and listen… to the birds, the wind in the birds’ wings when they land, the crickets, and I listen to my own thoughts.

Because I’m an introvert, those moments are gold. I need them to replenish my batteries. I have to do nothing, sometimes for hours. I have to sit and contemplate nature, wether it be the leaves dancing in a tree, birds flying or insects doing what they do.

But the most wonderful place on earth is right there inside of each of us.

I post lovely soft photographs on Facebook and get much bolder on Twitter with very tasty photos! Share your thoughts or comments or simply come say “Hi!” 🙂



Primal/Paleo Lifestyle for Better Sex

I’m thinking about sharing more about my passion for personal development and how it can all be connected into having a more fulfilling sex life. I also live a primal/paleo lifestyle which I’ll try to demonstrate that it is also wonderful for sex.  Food and cooking are derivative of this life style, and who doesn’t love a good-for-your-sex-drive recipe. Playing music and singing, off-road motorcycles, drawing and painting are just plain fun, and I believe that if you’re having fun, everything else falls into place, including your sexual power.

My aspirations are to entertain, inspire you and keep the conversation going. Of course, I’m not a therapist, nor am I a doctor. I’ll share what works for me.