Why Couples Stop Having Sex

I’ve been puzzled with the reasons why some couples, who love each other very much, who are attracted to each other, and where the relationship is thriving, would suddenly stop having sex, or find themselves not having sex as much as they would like to.

To understand this conflict, we have to understand how the sexual brain works. It has an “accelerator”, which responds to sexual stimulation, but it also has “brakes”. The “brakes” responds to every reason not to be turned on at this very moment. This is called the dual control model. How sensitive an individual is to the “brakes” and the “accelerator” impacts the way she/he responds to sex stimulation throughout the world, and they are connected to their moods and environment.

The dual control model is made of two elements.

The first one is the sexual excitation system, the “accelerator”. It computes the relevant sexual information in the environment: what you see, hear , smell, touch, taste, imagine. Then it sends a “Turn On!” signal to the genitals.

The second one is the sexual inhibition system, the “brakes”. There are two kinds of “brakes”: one that works like the “accelerator” by noticing everything in the environment that could be a threat, and thus sending a “Turn Off!” signal.

Both systems are working all day long to either turn us on or off.

The other kind of “brake” like a chronic, low-level “No thank you” signal. Where the first is a fear of consequences, the second is a fear of performance failure, as in worrying about not having an orgasm.

Once we know whether the problem is not enough stimulation to the “accelerator” or too much to the “brakes”, you can figure out how to create some changes.

We’re all the same because everyone has sexual “accelerator” and “brakes” in their nervous systems. We’re also all different because we have a distinct sensitivity to what arouses us.

Learn more about the dual control model in the book Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski.


I Had Big Dreams

What we believe to be the usual path of a female Porn Star is to start doing adult clips, videos, or movies around 18-20 years old, right when a she is young, firm, and beautiful. Starting so young usually leads to a nice career lasting for maybe 12-15 years. Then, she might retire at age 30-35 when she still looks pretty and young.

Something Was Wrong With Porn

My own “career” started when I was 31 years old, when most female Porn Star retire. The reasons I chose to do adult entertainment are a post of themselves, but I can say that I felt there was something wrong with porn back then. All I could see was a misrepresentation of what sex really is. Missing connections, no real passion, and fake orgasms.

I thought it was quite ugly, and it turned me off. I didn’t really know how, but I wanted to change that. My first slogan was “Beautiful Porn. Redefining the Meaning of Pornography”. I had big dreams, and used my stubbornness to make things happen.

Beautiful Porn

It turned out that by sharing my authentic sexuality, and showing what I am passionate about, it made my vision of beautiful porn a reality. I was lucky to be with someone who had a vision similar to my own in terms of aesthetics.

Whether other porn producers noticed what we did or not, I will never know, but I’m delighted to see how the world of pornography changed over the years. It evolved into something where more people share their true desires, and it shows, or at least tries to show, passion. It’s not just a money machine designed by perverts– altho there are still too many of those.

Now What?

My big dream has come true. Pornography has changed. X-Art has been a wonderful contributor to this change, and The Good for Her Feminist Porn Awards celebrates erotica centred on women, and marginalized people. Violet Blue and Tristan Taormino have and continue to educate us.

Now what?

Eating Your Delicious Creampie

What could be better to a cum lover to eat the delicious creampie that filled her up?

I Wanna Feel You Deep

Getting on all fours, you have the best view of my ass and pussy, and I can feel you deep with each thrust you give.

Duration: 07:04 Min.

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Three Orgasms for me, One for You

You’re naked and hard. I come close to you, and climb over, making contact with your hot cock with my wet pussy. I place it between my pussy’s lips and start to rub my clitoris on its silky head. You enjoy my pretty pink night. It lets you see my hard nipples through the silky fabric. Your hands are drawn to them, you want to feel my soft breasts in your strong hands, and tease my nipples.

I tell you that if I continue rubbing myself like this on you, I will come. Your answer is delightful to my ears. You tell me to let go, to come as hard as I want. I’m inflamed, and you add to my arousal by grabbing my breasts, caressing them and pinching my nipples. One-zero for me.

You’re aroused and hard, but you want to feel my mouth, my tongue, my lips on your beautiful cock. I lick you, suck your cock head, and deep-throat you. You’re enjoying the warmth of my delicate mouth, but your desire to fill my pussy is greater than you, you can’t resist. You want to see your cock go inside me.

As I ride you, you enjoy the view. You caress my belly, lifting my nightie to get a glimpse of your hard cock getting in and out of me. We get on the same beat, in and out. The rhythm accelerates and I can feel your cock head stimulate my g-spot as you hold me to penetrate me deeper. Your mind is dirty, you let it speak to me. You ask me to go and taste my juices on your cock.

When I’m done cleaning you, I get back on top. I ride you harder, you penetrate me deeper, faster. Our rhythm is synchronized. We’re building ecstasy with each movement. Our bodies are on fire, and we come together. Two to one for me.

You’re happy and still on your orgasmic cloud, but I’m not done with you yet. I still feel you inside me, and I still have the energy to come. You agree that I should have another orgasm. I let my body dance on you, it’s guiding me to a third orgasm. This one’s shorter, but still amazing. And it’s three to one for me!

Duration: 12:15 Min.

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Sex Like Wild Animals

When I wear this leopard lingerie, it seems that our sexual encounters turn out to be wild. We let our instincts guide un, and have sex like wild animals.

Duration: 08:06 Min.

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Outdoor Wild Sex and Blowjob Cumshot

Outdoor wild sex is fun. A little bit of Watkins makes it even better especially during mosquito season! I set my eyes on a tree trunk that has fallen on the ground. It was the perfect hight for me to bend over and give you access to my soft and juicy pussy.

Before you please me, I decide to suck your beautiful cock. It’s so soft to the touch and delicious, I want to take it all, deep inside. I tease your foreskin with my tongue and then let it slid to reveal your cock head. I blow you without using my hands. It seems you are enjoying the way I suck you because you put your hand on my hand and start to swing in and out of my mouth.

Our excitement is high and so I get up and turn around to give you my pussy, which you eagerly take. It’s so good to feel you inside, I could cum in just a few seconds, but you want to give me even more pleasure. Your index finger wander a little around my ass hole. Oh! how I want you to push it inside! As if you read my mind, you slide your index finger inside my ass hole. This pushes me to the edge. I can take it anymore and have to cum.

Now that you gave me full pleasure, I tuck my skirt down and get all my attention to your cock. It doesn’t take long before you too travel to ecstasy. Your cum shoots into my mouth and on my cheek! What a delightful way to end our little outdoor wild sex adventure in the woods…

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Watch me And End This With a Creampie

I wanted to be devoured and he looked like he wanted to devour me. But instead, he stood there, staring a me, staring at my ass and getting a bulge inside his bermudas from watching my fingers tease my pussy. It was as if the world stopped. Time ceased to exist. My body ached for him. I reach for my new toy, a textured purple dildo that I got from Amazon, and pushed it inside to try to tame the desire I felt for him. It was like an explosion detonating right at my core, felling the toy inside fuelled my hunger.

And then he came to me. Caressing my butt cheek, spreading them to get a delightful view of my little ass hole, teasing it with his index finger. As he pushed my dildo deeper and taped on the edge, the deep, rough, but gentle vibrations were like an exquisite shock of electric desire tingling between my legs. He went on, teasing me like this, then dropped his bermudas to the floor. The sound of it falling of his skin to the floor made every fiber of my being tense with anticipation. My heart was racing like the heart of a school girl who sees her crush coming her way. I wanted him.

When he touched me with his hard cock, I felt shivers down my spin and when he finally pushed himself inside me, an intense euphoric high took control over my mind. He fucked me exactly the way I wanted, but somehow, he wanted to make me languish. He pulled out and removed my beautiful blue string. That’s when I thought he would give it to me, but no. He climbed on the coffee table and made me suck his hard throbbing cock. Would that be all he’d give me today?

As he got down from the coffee table, I sketched a smile thinking this time would be it. I was wrong again. He wanted to watch me again, so he laid down on the sofa and played with himself. I guess he relished the view of my fingers pleasuring my clitoris and the pretty purple dildo moving inside of me, in and out, in and out. I focus on the pleasure, but can’t help to peak at him. Seeing him masturbating while he watch me almost makes me come.

Oh! I want him to fuck me. As if you heard my thought, he gets up from the sofa and starts teasing my ass, going close enough and pushing so slightly that I feel my little hole open to let him in. But that’s not what’s in store for me. I grab his cock and start to pump him. He’s either going to come on my butt or he’ll succumb and fill my pussy with his cum. He grunted and finally gave me what I wanted. He fucked me so hard that I got lost. Lost in this moment and in these wonderful sensations. My eyes closed tightly and pleasure took its place, so abundant that I wanted it there forever. I let go after him teasing senseless and holding me hostage to my desires, allowing the world’s greatest pleasure to roll through me.

Red Lips And Black Dildo

It’s what I wanted, sucking on that beautiful black dildo and then felling it inside, obeying that urge brought by imagining your cock penetrating me. I enjoy the way the black dildo slide in and out of me.

My breathing quick, my heartbeat rapid, I didn’t waste time setting a pace, moving my ass up and down on the dildo that I was hold with my two hands.

I orgasmed, closing my eyes and still imagining you there, tickling my clit. I moaned in appreciation, my vision blurry from the wild climax I just experienced.

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Amazing Anal Sex

My hand slid down my body and went between my thighs and I moaned softly. A slight touch of my clit and I was soaking wet, my pussy on fire.

You teased me, pushing the butt plug a little deeper each time. Your free hand tickling my pussy. A gasp escaped my lips as you pushed the butt plug entirely inside my ass. The short burst of pain transformed into into pure delight and intense pleasure.

Plunging your cock between my dripping pussy lips, nothing between the meeting of our flesh, just the delight of you and the butt plug filling me. Feeling your body pound me, your strong hand holding me tight, I encouraged you to do more.

I didn’t even know you could produce that much down there. I realize the aching inside me was lust. I desired your hard cock in my ass like never before. You gave it the attention it deserved. My eyes closed, I told myself I was just a filthy whore and that thought made me come so hard.

You went higher, reaching those heights and yearned for the final release. You filled me with your cum and it felt so good and warm in my tight ass. The joy I felt translated in a smile that would end most calamities on earth!

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