Three Orgasms for me, One for You

You’re naked and hard. I come close to you, and climb over, making contact with your hot cock with my wet pussy. I place it between my pussy’s lips and start to rub my clitoris on its silky head. You enjoy my pretty pink night. It lets you see my hard nipples through the silky fabric. Your hands are drawn to them, you want to feel my soft breasts in your strong hands, and tease my nipples.

I tell you that if I continue rubbing myself like this on you, I will come. Your answer is delightful to my ears. You tell me to let go, to come as hard as I want. I’m inflamed, and you add to my arousal by grabbing my breasts, caressing them and pinching my nipples. One-zero for me.

You’re aroused and hard, but you want to feel my mouth, my tongue, my lips on your beautiful cock. I lick you, suck your cock head, and deep-throat you. You’re enjoying the warmth of my delicate mouth, but your desire to fill my pussy is greater than you, you can’t resist. You want to see your cock go inside me.

As I ride you, you enjoy the view. You caress my belly, lifting my nightie to get a glimpse of your hard cock getting in and out of me. We get on the same beat, in and out. The rhythm accelerates and I can feel your cock head stimulate my g-spot as you hold me to penetrate me deeper. Your mind is dirty, you let it speak to me. You ask me to go and taste my juices on your cock.

When I’m done cleaning you, I get back on top. I ride you harder, you penetrate me deeper, faster. Our rhythm is synchronized. We’re building ecstasy with each movement. Our bodies are on fire, and we come together. Two to one for me.

You’re happy and still on your orgasmic cloud, but I’m not done with you yet. I still feel you inside me, and I still have the energy to come. You agree that I should have another orgasm. I let my body dance on you, it’s guiding me to a third orgasm. This one’s shorter, but still amazing. And it’s three to one for me!

Duration: 12:15 Min.

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Sex Like Wild Animals

When I wear this leopard lingerie, it seems that our sexual encounters turn out to be wild. We let our instincts guide un, and have sex like wild animals.

Duration: 08:06 Min.

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Chocolate Milk and Creampie

I love chocolate milk. Who doesn’t! So I made myself a glass and started drinking it when you arrived behind me and took a few sip from my glass.

What went on after that was very erotic. I sucked your cock, then you fucked me, I sucked your cock some more and you came inside my pussy.

A chocolate milk and a creampie… what a great combination!

Glorious Sex and Facial

You slid the small metal tab down to unzip your jeans and they dropped down on the floor revealing your beautiful cock. You put it in my mouth and I start to lick, suck and deep throat it. My pussy tighten with desire and I let out a sigh when I felt you fingers slide down along my ass and along my wet slit.

I eagerly look at you while you move behind me. Add saliva so you could rub my clit and slip up to my anus, rolling your fingers around, making my pussy even more wet as you teased me mercilessly. Ripples of excitement travels through my body as you slide inside my wet pussy, going in and and out, fucking me hard right from the start.

Before the pleasure became overwhelming, you stopped, wanting to feel my mouth and let me taste my juices. I gasped with pleasure as you began fingering my pussy. Your fingers continued to mimic the motion you were doing earlier while fucking me.

I was so ready to be taken again, for you to plunge your hard cock deep inside me and thrust it in, over and over until I can’t take any more. But you had other plans and asked me where I’ve put the black dildo.Intrigued, I wait for you.

You hand me the dildo and I slide it inside my tight pussy. You want to get your cock inside as well but two is to much for my tight pussy. So you remove the dildo and continue to fuck me instead. You don’t let the dildo do nothing for to long and simply put it in my mouth. And then you finger me, stimulating my g-spot bringing us so close to orgasm. I use the dildo, you get in front of me, and almost immediately cum on my face in a beautiful facial.

Consuming Love in a Fast Thrust

You came up to me to give me your cock. My mouth watering, I took it all while you thrusted in and out. That’s not what you had in mind tho. While you lay down behind me, I smiled because you were so tasty in my mouth. What you wanted was to make love to me and you immediately put your dick in my pussy, starting to thrust at different rythme.

You know I like a little spanking on my pussy, especially when it has a cock inside. As you spank my pussy, I feel your cock getting even bigger. It arouses both very much. You always surprise me, and you did it again, wetting your fingers and rubbing my clitoris, getting me so close to coming.

You slowed down to let me feel your cock inside me, but your ardour took over. You consumed our lust and love at a very fast pace while my legs closed. Wanting to hold me by the leg, I open them for you and felt the passion of your desire in my wet pussy.

Thrusting in and out at a fast pace, holding my hips you come before me in an intense orgasm. While you try to come back to reality, I masturbate with your cock still inside me. It’s all juicy and warm from your cum and that’s enough to make myself come in a deep and strong orgasm.

Slowly, you come out. I caress my feverish pussy, slide a finger inside to get some cum and rub it on. Our love was consumed in a fast thrust.

Your Finger Feels so Good Inside my Tight Derriere

After you came inside me, you took good care of cleaning me up. Your soft touch on my wetness and between my derriere’s cheek were enough to start me again. With your index finger aligned with my hole, the slight move of my derriere towards it let it slide inside. I move and I touch myself until I come, again. You’re happy now and go take a shower, but I’m still worked up. So I get down to business, again while I play in my head the scene that just happened until I come, for the third time.

Masturbating in Bed

I had this great idea to lie down in my bed and play with my clit through my panties. I rub it and give it a few delicate slaps that make me smile and excite me enough that I decided to remove my cotton panties.

Once completely naked, I can play with pussy without restraint. I want to feel my fingers, one, two, three, four, five. I make them penetrate and push hard with my other hand to feel them all inside me. I make myself come this way, using nothing more than my hand. I surrender happily to that moment of bliss.

Alluring Stiletto Clitoral Orgasm

My high heels are so alluring and provocative. They give me sultry ideas. I’m lying on my antique sofa to satisfy my desire, my excitement continues to rise. My hands wander on my ass, caressing it sensually, and my nimble fingers glide, at first, gently inside my pussy.

I go back and forth, getting my fingers inside and out of my pussy. The pace is slow for the moment, but I soon want more sensations, and my other hand sneaks underneath to tease my clitoris. Both stimuli are good enough in themselves, but it seems I’m in for even more excitement.

My pelvis keeps on dancing. My fingers sink deeper inside my pussy at a frantic pace, so much so that my buttocks shake vigorously. I move my hips back and forth to thrust harder on my clitoris, and at the last hit, I go through an intoxicating clitoral orgasmic moment. Finally, I inflict upon myself a strong slap on my ass!

Fuck me From Behind

Lying on my belly on the side of the bed, wearing only my gorgeous white lingerie kit, I offer myself to you. Your strong hand caressing my butt, playing with my garter belt, sliding a finger on the side of my panty give you a beautiful erection.

With on hand holding on my shoulder, you use the other to grab your cock and tease my wet pussy with the tip. I moan softly out of anticipation for what’s to come.

As you slide fully inside me, I close my eyes and a smile engulf my face. Making love to me slowly at first, feeling every inch of my tight, my wet pussy as you push deep inside me.

With the view of my lovely ass hole, you want to give me even more but sliding your finger in. I love when you play with my ass and this brings me even closer to orgasm.

Grunting as loud as I dared, I came, wave after wave of pleasure breaking over me. This being too much for you, you cam shortly after, pouring your cum deep inside me.

From Teasing to 69 Blowjob

Trying on a few pieces of lingerie is a teasing experience until we couldn’t take it anymore. The little slap on my ass was the trigger element that made ​​me want to go into the bedroom with you. I know I’m going to give you a hot blowjob.

You push me gently on the bed, you caress my body, and my breasts, but it was you in my mouth that I wanted. You invite me with a “come here” movement of your finger. We reversed positions into our favourite: the 69 blowjob position. This way, we both have a mouthful of each other, and we can give and receive  pleasure at the same time.