Being Real

When I was shooting for my previous websites, I was aware of the camera and there was always that little thing that hanged up there in my mind. I was performing.

In the past months, I let go and simply felt everything as being real. The caresses or spanks, the toys inviting me to orgasm and the sounds we make when we’re so close to come!

Chloe Morgane aka Camille Crimson - Out in the woods

I feel comfortable to let you see and hear me just the way I am when I masturbate, have sex or give a sensual blow job 😉

Most Recent Updates

This week, you get two tasty updates! I slowly lift my skirt to reveal my inviting derriere. It suddenly gets very steamy and we’re making love on the chair! It finishes with a tasty creampie that I get to taste myself!

One of my dear fan ask me to put on yoga pants. I never did yoga in my life so instead I show a part of my workout. You also get to see me get off the yoga pants before I jump in the shower!

I post lovely soft photographs on Facebook and get much bolder on Twitter with very tasty photos! Online communities are a great place to send feedback, share your thoughts and comments or simply to talk about the weather or get to know each other. Come say “Hi!” 🙂