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Take a look at the frequently asked questions below before you send your email. Your question might already be answered!

Q: Can I get a blowjob from you or shoot a sex scene with you, Chloe?
A: Sorry, I’m already taken. I know you’re not jealous, but I shoot and give blowjobs only to my boyfriend.

Q:Can we meet up for coffee or a beer?
A: Thank you, it’s very nice to offer, but I do not meet-up with individual fans.

Q:How can I be a model for your next shoot?
A: It’s kind of you to volunteer, but I’m currently not looking for any male talents. I shoot exclusively with my husband.

Q:Can we speak on the phone or skype?
A: That sounds lovely, but I do not speak on the phone or do video conference with individual fans.

If you have questions, or want to give feedback about the site, here’s where to sent it: love at chloe morgane dot com.