Chloe Morgane (aka Camille Crimson)

Open Heart

It took me a while, but I am finally ready to open my heart. As an introvert, it takes me longer to process my feelings and thoughts than it would for an extrovert.

Let’s go back a few months.

Chloe Morgane (aka Camille Crimson)
Chloe Morgane – KTM Ginger in the ditch

In October 2013, I shattered my tibial plateau in an off-road motorcycle accident.

Chloe Morgane (aka Camille Crimson)
Chloe Morgane – On the bridge with Dan
Chloe Morgane (aka Camille Crimson)
Chloe Morgane – Tibial Plateau Fracture
Chloe Morgane (aka Camille Crimson)
Chloe Morgane – Hardware

I was lucky enough to ride with my friend Dan who is a paramedic. My ex was there too– taking pictures–, but it was Dan who took good care of me, made sure I got out of the woods, and got to the hospital safely. For that, he earned a kiss while I got in the ambulance 🙂

Chloe Morgane (aka Camille Crimson)
Chloe Morgane – Successful surgery
Chloe Morgane (aka Camille Crimson)
Chloe Morgane – External fixer

During the weeks I spend in the hospital, I had time to reflect on my relationship with my ex. I realized that we weren’t the passionate lovers I wished we were, that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with someone I didn’t feel desire for, with someone who didn’t want to make the effort to grow. I didn’t want to be manipulated in doing and buying things I didn’t want any more. I chose happiness and left him.

Then something magical happened. My heart started beating again and I felt relief. Altho I was in pain, surrounded with scary people* (I was transferred in the head trauma department because there were no beds available with the broken bone people) and it didn’t smell like roses in my room, there was something blooming inside me. I was free and I was falling in love. Dan made my heart beat and thinking of him gave (and still gives) me butterflies in the belly!

After a while, my ex and I had to decide what would become of our business. We chose to split: I would let him keep our blowjob sites and I would keep Camille Crimson. Camille Crimson is my name after all.

I was confident that my project, my baby was in good hands, but I also wanted some retribution from all the work I did. It seemed fair to me (and to all the people I ask advice to) and was ready to negotiate.

Chloe Morgane (aka Camille Crimson)
Chloe Morgane – Kissing a dildo

But I did a booboo on Facebook in the form of posting an NSFW screen capture of the new solo video I was so proud of. At the time of posting, it seemed ok to me or else I would not have posted it. Facebook didn’t like it and my ex didn’t like that Facebook didn’t like it.

A few days before, I had scheduled a second update to go live the day after my video update to explain why I was doing a solo video. According to my ex, the description I wrote was a “sharp personal message” in reply to the booboo I did the day before. Measures to “protect the company” were taken.

Chloe Morgane (aka Camille Crimson)
Chloe Morgane – Missing you

This is what I wrote:

I miss you already even after spending two beautiful days and night with you, cuddling and loving you. I think of you and it makes me smile and want to feel your touch in my neck, you hands on my hips, oh! and your tongue on my nipples!

From there things got worst and worst. The problem for me was that I only had 49% of the shares in the company. At the time we did the paperwork, I didn’t understand it meant I basically didn’t have anything to say in the decisions that were taken by the administrator who has 51% of the shares… My only rights are to 49% of the profits, if profit there is and if the administrator votes to declare dividends, which of course the administrator didn’t vote for.

After some talk with lawyers, I realized I was fucked. Yes, I use that word because all the videos and photos seemed to belong to Productions MBP. My name seemed to belong to Productions MBP. It seemed to me then that everything belonged to Productions MBP!

I was left with two choices:

  1. Fight to try and get my name back (and maybe loose)
  2. Start over with a new name

I chose #2.

And my heart broke. It hurts to have a piece of yourself ripped off. I guess we’re even. I broke his heart by leaving our relationship, he broke mine by taking my identity. 

Chloe Morgane (aka Camille Crimson)
Chloe Morgane – View from my hospital window on the sunrise.

All this happened while I was trying to recover from my injury. To be honest, those days were dark and my injury didn’t get better at all. I couldn’t sleep, didn’t eat much and lacked the mental energy to be strong and get better. Until I decided to forgive and be thankful for the opportunity that was given to me.

Chloe Morgane (aka Camille Crimson)
Chloe Morgane – Sunrise

I am starting a new life with my wonderful boyfriend, Dan. We’re in love, we’re happy and I feel so lucky to share my life with someone so magnificent, inside and out, as him.


* I ended up making friends with a few of them lovely-scary people!

216 thoughts on “Open Heart”

  1. Sorry to see that it has been a difficult time for you. You have my sympathies. Ending relationships can always be difficult, but when you have such an event that puts things in perspective like you had, it is easy to see the need to move forward.

    Anyway, you seem happier in yourself, and your leg seems to be doing much better. So im happy for you.

    1. I am glad you are back doing what you love. I was drawn to your previous work because of the emotion, and creativity that you brought to life. And I have a serious thing for redheads. The previous sites just aren’t the same without you and I will be following your new adventure closely.

      1. It is a pleasure to be back doing what I love. My hopes are to be able to make those emotions go through still now that I do most of the creation alone.

  2. I guess sometimes we need to live bad times in our lives to realize we need to get rid off bad things for our future

  3. Chloe,

    Aldo summed things up well. You went through a terrible period in your life, but have come out the other side stronger and happier.

    Thanks so much for sharing this; you certainly didn’t have to. Or maybe you did…not for us, but for you.

  4. I’m so glad to have your side of what went on. I’ve only had Sophie’s side of the story and her replies to your initial tweets. Because of this I quit following anyone involved with AOTBJ it just wasn’t the same without you there. It seems to of lost the intimacy. It was you and your talent that drew me there in the first place. I’m glad you’re on the mend both physically, mentally and have renewed love. I’m looking forward to the new and rebuilt you and your site.

    1. I agree with you 100% Kevin. After she left AOTB became just another porn site. I stop going there as soon as it was apparent that the vision and attitude that Chloe (will take a bit to get use to that name) brought to life, was gone.

      Really glad you have found a new outlet for your sensuality and look forward to see where it leads.

  5. Looking at the pictures I am reminded of the quote – “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

    I know a new world of opportunities await for you to unleash your creative talent in all aspects of your life. At heart you are an artist who is making the world a better place by sharing your talents and your world with your fans.

    I have one comment on this line – “And my heart broke. It hurts to have a piece of yourself ripped of. I guess we’re even.”

    I hope the heart has mended from the *feeling* of being ripped off along with the progress of your leg. In reality your fans love you for the authentic person you are. That was never ripped off. They just dont know where to find you and I am sure when thed do you will be able to share your life with them again in full force.

    If it was a name that is easily replaced – Hey Chloe now feels even more sexy than Camille :-). The business according to you was not profitable anyway.

    In reality what got ripped off you is a lot of baggage that you were carrying and you are now free and the new beginning is looking very promising and exciting.

    Let me share one more quote to close my comments. This quote is attributed to Nelson Mandela – ”The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

    You have gotten up and soon to be running & racing. You have shown enormous courage in the face physical and emotional wounds and emerging stronger than before.

    Over time you will discover forgiveness of your ex – he did not know any better. The forgiveness is not for his sake but for your sake. Why carry a burden in our head unnecessarily?

    All the best for a bright future!!!


    1. Tim, thank you for every words you wrote.

      Every morning I am thankful for everything I have. I am rich inside and of people to love. Yes, my heart has mended. I only send love and wishes of success and happiness.

      I really like what you said, that Chloe now feels even more sexy then Camille!

      The business makes a lot of money, at least it did before my accident. The thing is you can have as much deductible spendings as you wish and make no profit if you’re smart. This way you pay less taxes and less to your shareholders 😉

      Funny you mention forgiveness. It hit me about four nights ago. I let go and forgive. Maybe that’s why I was able to open my heart openly here!

      1. Dear Chloe

        I would reword a part of what you wrote, just for fun 🙂
        “The business makes a lot of money, at least it did before my accident.” .. In my view, and most will agree that business was all about you and only about you..

        So the rewording would be ” I made a lot of money for the business , at least … ” .. I know you are modest and will not reword like that. We all know you are the ‘real deal’ 🙂

        Your accomplishment is not just about overcoming your physical pain via tough physical therapy and about coming to terms with who you are and what you want to do going forward.

        Purely from a business stand point your accomplishments in the last few weeks as a one-woman army has been nothing less than spectacular- you have developed a website using your technical acumen and artistic judgement, created highly attractive shots with your video and photo editing skills, recreated a new set of fans who adore you , and managed all the nitty-gritty details of running the business. Anyone that has tried to run a business and solely do all the technical work to create a website based activity can particularly appreciate the extraordinary productivity you have achieved in the last few weeks.

        In the midst of all this, you experienced a unique kind of orgasm only few women in the world have ever experienced – and it was your first in the last few weeks as well ! Wow

        Opening your heart here with your well wishers and friends is a great step towards achieving a sense of self peace.

        It was nice to share and interact with you at this blog !


      2. I’m a big admirer of your work, beautiful one.

        “The thing is you can have as much deductible spendings as you wish and make no profit if you’re smart.”

        At least in the United States, this is fraud! It’s illegal!

        You should be compensated for what you’re owed! I don’t see how you can lose a legal case against this crap. Jeeze. That makes me mad.

  6. It’s remarkable how our lives can change in the blink of an eye. What’s rate is someone picking up the pieces, recovering and building a better life out of it. YOU have done that and you should be proud. You’ve been in the fight and you’ve won. Now you’re healing and you’ll be stronger to enjoy your new life. You’re a rare one…..

  7. Hi Camille! I was going to say “I’m sorry to hear that”, but the truth is: Good for you honey! Sometimes we need dark times to start shinning again. And you’ve been through some very dark times, dear. So, think of this, you were holding 49% stocks and doing all the hard work? Haha 😉 I know you were having fun too, I’m just kidding, the point is, your old website was about you, and your amazing, beautiful skills you have doing something you like. I mean, come on, it was never about blowjobs, it was always about ‘this’ kind of blowjobs. Your blowjobs! Signature blowjobs! And red-headed blowjobs! Super nice! I have seen couple of scenes from the “Art of…”, but it’s not the same, the magic actually walk away with you and your 49%. So, no more “Art of…” for me. I supposed it was a beautiful journey for you while it last. And it was super fun for us too. But maybe everything got to end at some time. And we have to be wise enough to let it die gracefully. It was other people who decided to do it all the way around. So, be proud, be happy, and be good. I really hope you are living your dream day and night, and, well, I hope some day we can see another beautiful shot from you (maybe in that classy pin up style that suits you soooo sweet…?). See you around Miss Morgane. I big hug from a huge fan. Take care! 😀

    1. Hi Some guy from my Twitter 🙂 Your words are wise and kind. They touch me here in my heart and yes, I am proud, happy and in love!

  8. The name change is a good and positive thing: it suits you, goes well with your smile, take it as a lovely, serendipitous gift!

  9. Chloe, I’m pulling for you to be very happy in your new endeavor… whatever your name you’ve always been the hottest redhead on the web!
    Do you have a tumblr? If not I hope you get one soon…best wishes to you 🙂

  10. thank you for coming back to us. my wife and i loved your work. you inspired her to enjoy oral!

    we expected something like this has happened because it was quite quickly we had a new admin, new girls etc…

    we left the site after just 2 updates, there was no heat, no sensuality to it.

  11. Happy your back, living your dream, pursuing happiness and able to forgive. Good luck with this new endeavor!!!

  12. I guess you must send a message to all women who work with their boyfriend, their husaband: ask 50-50 for everything in the business. Love is not eternal, unfortunately!

    But now, you’re happy!

  13. I am glad you are feeling better. Its a shame that things can go so wrong especially when you are already dealing with so much trauma. You are a beautiful and sensual woman and deserve only the best in life. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work and I wish you and your new love many years of happiness.

  14. Wow… Thank you for telling us! I’m proud of you for making the choice to improve your life for the better. Sadly, all too many choose to stay in a life that is less-than because of the hardships that can sometimes come with making a change. Congratulations, Chloe!

    And I’m excited to see where you are going next! It’s great to know you’re with a wonderful new man who treats you well! Happy Lives, moving forward!

  15. Life is fragile, live every day like it is your last, things change in an instant as you know. There will only ever be one Camille Crimson, a rose by any other name is still a rose. As someone once said ” thanks for the memories”. People come in and out of our lives at specific times for specific reasons and then they are gone. Be enriched from your experiences and move on and rebuild your body and your life better than it ever was. Knowledge is power and can never be taken away. I am so happy you are getting there one day at a time and then all the hurt will be gone. Good luck and health, Redhead, we will always know who you are no matter what you call yourself.

  16. After your accident I just knew something was wrong. Congratulations on healing, your new love, and new venture Beautiful Lady. Thank You for the email filling in the blanks.

  17. Greetings, sweetie!

    That is a shame that you’ve lost so much. Legalities are so unfair sometimes. Glad to hear that you’re happy and in Love, it’s the best feeling. Those pictures of your leg trauma, ouch that looked horrible, but it’s in the past and we are moving forward. It’s good to have you back……very warm welcome…….


  18. Heureux de te revoir debout sur tes deux jambes.
    Il y a eu un silence qui était long mais je n’irai pas jusqu’à dire que j’étais inquiet car j’ai l’honnêteté de te dire que tu étais surtout un lien sur lequel cliquer de temps en temps mais je me ravise après la lecture de ces mots.
    je suis impressionné par ce que tu as le courage d’écrire. Je suis impressionné par l’intimité que tu oses dévoiler et offrir. J’ai eu l’impression en te lisant, d’entrer dans cette chambre d’hôpital en toute simplicité. Tu as eu raison de dévoiler ces mots, tu as eu raison car ils t’offrent encore plus d’humanité et te rendent plus proche . Fantasmée mais pas seulement une image. Je ne doutais pas qu’il y avait un cerveau derrière tes images, je ne doute plus non plus qu’il y a un cœur.
    Ton histoire d’amour est évidemment touchante, ton histoire de business est évidemment révoltante mais c’est la franchise que tu mets dans ton récit qui les rendent plus proches de ce nous pouvons vivre de l’autre coté, dans la réalité devant l’écran, qui les rendent plus humaines. Tu as ouvert ton cœur quitte à égratigner ton image, ça passe ou ça casse. Bravo, ça passe !
    Courage et bon nouveau départ.
    et puis comme il a été dit au dessus: c’est nettement moins bien de l’autre coté depuis que tu en es partie.

  19. Wow…I had wondered what was happening. I wish you all the best in healing, both physically and emotionally.

    I read once that we need to forgive for ourselves, not for the other person, and I see you are learning that firsthand. You are an amazing and sensual woman, and the true talent behind what made TAOBJ worth watching. And customer service has been lacking in your absence! Looking forward to a new site, with the familiar smile!

    God bless you!

  20. So good to have you back and kicking. I agree with posters above about all the unjust things you had to go through. Good thing the name is just a creative thing, switching which only makes things fresh. Really looking forward to even more updates. Love!

    1. Aww! Well thank you. I do love my new name and you are absolutely right, it makes things fresh! Love to you too!

  21. Chloe,
    Great to hear from you again! No lie – I did think about you (yesterday), then popped on your ‘Classic’ video.
    I am very happy for you, that you’re in a better place in your life now. Thing is, I can relate to you, in how your whole world can change for the better once a burden is lifted from you. And yes, it did get uglier before it got better. At the same time, I see it as a build of strength and character. I, too, am also an introvert, so the way we process things tend to be more methodical.

    Hopefully your recovery from your tibia fracture. That, I can sympathize as well, having broken my (left) femur & have hardware. In all, I understand.

    Moving forward, it will be great to catch up with you and your progress. To me, it’s your charisma that I find attractive, and not who hosted the likes of your former moniker. Chloe has a bubbly sound to it as well. Welcome back!

  22. What a happy morning! I woke up with your open letter in my inbox. I’m so happy to have you back. There is something about your sensuality, real-ness (if that’s a word), honesty, and integrity that has always inspired my sexual side, helped me to explore that side with wild abandon. No other porn star has done that. I was so sad to here that Camille was gone. I am so very glad you are back, Chloe!

  23. I’ve been a big fan for a long time and REALLY enjoyed your work. Like others have said, it’s just not the same in the old place without you and I quit following. It wasn’t the name or the site that brought people ther, it was YOU. You made that work, and you’ll make something else work – whether it’s in the same field or not. Your charming personality shines through and always will, no matter what you do.

    Good luck with your future. If you open another site, you will have plenty of followers. I know of one fore sure.

    You take care.

    1. Jim, your words give me strength and make me believe in myself. I thank you for that!
      As for opening an other site, it’s done => 😉

      I’m adding new videos on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It may not seem like it, but it takes a lot of time to create new content! Anyway, hope you’ll like it because it’s very different from what is on TAoBJ.

  24. Thank-you, Chloe for the update.

    Nice to know your side of the story. It’s going to take a bit of time putting a new name on a face… but I had already started to forget the “Camille Crimson” part, focusing only on the person.

    I missed your updates here.

    I still recall fondly your explanation of SuperStay 24, that my wife now regularly uses.

    Good bye Camille. Hello Chloe.

    The queen is gone… long live the queen!

    Welcome back here.


    1. You know Gilles… I still use Camille sometimes without even noticing it. Yes, it will take some time to get used to be Chloe. But as Tim said: “Chloe now feels even more sexy than Camille”!

      And that lipstick is amazing!

  25. Welcome back missed those beautiful eyes. Glad to know your ok. Also love the new name. Rise like a Phoenix that you are. Gorgeous redhead

  26. I am glad you took the time you needed for yourself, I am just glad to know that you are healthy and back to enjoying the life that you deserve and love. Best wishes, stay in touch!!!

  27. Oh wow. I don’t know what to say. What words could I offer that could provide comfort when not only are you hurt, but having such a huge piece of yourself taken from you. For that my dear, you have my deepest and sincerest empathy. If I could, I would offer you a hug. But to see that you have risen above this, and decided not to let it defeat you is amazing! Congratulations! Also, congratulations on your new love! I hope that Dan makes you ever so happy as long as humanly possible! Best wishes to you my dear! I look forward to seeing more in the future!

  28. Good to see you are such a strong woman Chloe. I am so happy for you that you picked yourself up when you were down and fought your way back. A big hug from me xo

  29. After hearing about your accident, and not seen any new videos at TAOTBJ, I was wondering where you went.
    I signed up for a temporary membership at Camille crimson dot com -only to discover that was old videos, pictures and there would be no new postings.
    I’m looking forward to viewing your new life through your new website. However, I cannot get the videos in this email to play.
    I am very glad you’re back and wish you health and happiness, look forward to seeing all of your new adventures.

  30. My heart was heavy when I learned you had been in an accident and then had left TAoBJ and I am so glad to learn you are back. Thanks for sharing you precious heart with us. No one has your eyes, passion and creativity. You are uniquely “YOU”. You are awesome.

  31. It is difficult to imagine everything that you have been through over the past six months. I am glad to hear that you are so happy in your new relationship.
    At times it is difficult to see that when one door closes, another one opens with wonderful opportunities. I wish you every success with your new ventures.
    It is so nice to hear from you. You are able to present yourself in such a warm and personable way that it feels as if we are friends, even though we have never met.

    My warmest regards,


    PS Dan is a very lucky man

  32. Dearest Chloe
    Thank you for opening up and sharing with us. Your departure seemed so abrupt and odd, with you going from “deliciously outgoing” to “invisible” overnight. I just knew that something was wrong. I am so glad you are back!!! And, more importantly, I am so glad that you have love in your life! Love is all you need!!! Thank you for continuing to amaze us with your beauty and passionate actions. All of us wish you the very best, and wish we could be Dan!!! 🙂

  33. War im Urlaub bei Euch im Laden und total begeistert. Tolle Ware und superfreundliche Bedienung. Nun konnte ich nicht widerstehen und habe noch etwas per Post bestellt. Schnelle Lieferung, gute Verpackung und die Ware wie immer hervorragend. Bis zu einer neuer Bestellung wird es wohl nicht lange dauern.

  34. Chloe from watching your CC videos I’ve always felt your strong and beautiful woman. And now reading your post and seeing the pictures showing the break and scars I can only say that your are still both a hundred times over. Strong, beautiful and now roaring. Long may you roar.

  35. I’m glad U r well, and healed of your heart and leg. Change is difficult when dealing with relationships and the heart. Fortunetly u where able to find new Love and a new name and Business. I wish u Luck & Love with your new life and future. I will look for U on Twitter and here.

  36. Though it was not necessary it is interesting to know exactly why your site had such drastic changes. Sometimes it takes something traumatic to make us realize that changes are needed. Complacency is never a good thing as we should always strive to achieve the best that we can in life. It seems your accident made you finally willing to accept that you needed to do something about your relationship that was in your own words obviously not making you happy. On the other hand the fact that you only owned 49% of a business that existed solely because of you in my opinion was a deliberate move by someone to cover their ass in the event you did separate from that person. In the end I feel they have still lost because that site will soon be forgotten now that you have left. Your new site already looks amazing and I feel that this new direction will be a benefit not only for yourself but for your fans as well. As long as you are happy with your life nothing else really matters.

    1. Indeed my accident gave me the guts to make the changes I needed in my life to be truly happy.

      I hope it wasn’t as you said, tho you are not the first to say this about my 49%. His words were always “If you leave me, I have nothing”.

      I am happy! So nothing else really matters 🙂

  37. Greetings sweets

    Look bottom line know one can take away your sensual and sexual sense for the camera and we loyal fans. Start over, you will be stronger and more inventive. Do it, I’m in……so are most! Hugs for your new exploration.

  38. Chloe,

    No name contains who you are
    No one else were we drawn to
    It was not a business
    That brought us there.
    That which coalesced around you
    Will form more quickly this time,
    As everything and everyone you drew
    Still honors you;
    For the Art of your power
    Is what we see in your eyes
    You make a beautiful thing
    Others have made seem
    Both tawdry and tired
    Personal, intimate, and a truthful again –
    Expression of what we feel
    What we long for in that act

    This no one else does
    In the way you have about you
    This is not your name
    This is how you see Love
    This is you
    And we love you, too.

  39. Your decision to do what you are passionate about even under different circumstances just tells the world that you are a strong woman and nothing can get you down. I hope more women can be like you and be strong.

    Its nothing to do with whether a woman needs a man or not, nothing feminist about this, a woman needs a man as much as a man needs a woman, if man and woman decide to be together, then that’s the basic ingredient of a wonderful relationship.

    I like what you do, which gives me the courage to try to immitate your actions with my man in our love nest!

    All the best Chloe!

    1. So true! We need each other as man and woman to create wonderful things.

      I’m happy YOU have the courage to try things with your man!

      Love and hugs!

  40. Hi, C!!
    I’m glad to hear from you again, and hope you’re getting well.
    In Italy we use to say “Close a door, and open a new one soon” (it’s not really like this, but it’s hard to translate popular way of sayings); I wish you all the best for your life and for you future!

  41. Wow. I figured out some of it on my own, but it’s good to read your side of things. It’s really fucked (I, for one, love your use of the word – makes me feel funny in my ninja parts) how you lost your baby, as it were, but I’m so glad you’ve persevered – hell, I would have been shocked had you NOT returned. I was worried about you after your former nom de porn vanished from the ether, as it were.

    As for the new name, it will honestly be difficult for me to refer to you as Chloe Morgane. Also, did you know there was a decently-known pornster known as “Chloe Morgan”? Yeah, Google and Bing are going to mess with your search results. I’m sure you’ll trump her eventually, though 🙂

  42. Chloe, I am so very pleased you are back. Despite all the efforts at the other site it just isn’t the same. I wish well to all but I wish the best to you. Looking forward to an exciting future.

  43. Hi Chloe,

    Camille Crimson was a great name, but Chloe Morgane is, too. It brings to mind a cross between a french nymph and Morgane le Fay. It’s an alluring contradiction.

    I’m glad that you are back, and that you seem stronger than ever. I’m also glad that you didn’t waste your energies with a likely fruitless legal battle. As George Herbert said, “living well is the best revenge.”

    The magic that was Camille Crimson, and is Chloe Morgane is something that can never be taken from you.

    Best wishes for a long and artful future,


  44. Hi Chloe,

    I was one who liked Camille Crimson after having being introduced to Camille Crimson as well as Erika Napoletano on google+. I came in a period where I didn’t had any news even from Sophie Delancey but I didn’t give it much thought until I received an email from you tonight.

    Now that I know your side of the story, I’m behind you. I understand having being ripped off and I don’t like it. Period.

    Good luck with your new name and I’ll be one to support you with a subscription soon.


  45. Sorry to hear about the motorcycle accident. I can relate to that. I got zapped on the freeway here in southern California. A guy center punched me and I woke up with a bunch of uniforms around me. I was lucky, intensive care was only two days, and total time in the hospital was about three weeks. I wound up with a stainless steel pin in my right leg and some other broken bones. I have fully recovered, but have some scars to remind me of a life that got a bit too interesting at one point.

  46. Had a similar accident in 1970, yeah a long time ago, shattered my leg into 31 pieces. I spent 21 months in the hospital and 10 months learning to walk again. Still have a little bit of an awkward gait and it’s been 40+ years.

    I believe you are now a stronger and better person for this terrible experience. “Love is blind” or sometimes you are blinded by love. I truly feel that the AOBJ group could have been much more realistic and fair in their dealing all around. But I’m sure they realized they were loosing the “golden goose” and panicked, grabbing all that could.

    All I can say is “Dan” is one LUCKY man. I hope he understands how great you are and how delicately you need to be treated and deeply loved.

    All my best and looking forward to your new adventure in the realm of erotic pleasure and grace.

  47. Congratulations to your new name and website.
    Sorry for all your bad luck. But you are still beautiful hot Sexy young Lady and for me you are a beautiful REDHEAD and I want to watch your hot Beautiful videos. But I can’t. It’s to hard. I can’t see the info. Or read how much it is. Can you help me please.

  48. That’s brutally sad and tough to hear, but seems like you’ve got the drive and the love to keep you moving forward. Honestly, I’m an introvert too and that part where you said it took you longer to understand things made total sense. Glad you’re on the mend and trekking on!

  49. I’m very sorry to hear that… But at least you could get rid of people who doesn’t do you good.
    Cheer up sweetie, and you will have great success with your new name too, because it is your true being that matters: your beauty, your charisma, your talent, your sexual attraction…

    I wish you the best, and will follow your new publications 😉

  50. Chloe,

    I’m so sad to read about what happened to you. My heart shattered last year, too (although that was mostly my fault), so I know how that can feel. But it sounds like you’re already headed in good, new directions. I wish you the best in your new life!

  51. You must know it takes strength to do what you did. I am in a relationship and it has been a long time. I have now realized I am not involved anymore, my heart is not feeling anything. I am scared to leave because I have spent so long with her. I don’t know that living alone is something I can do. My alone time literally drives me insane so I have to have people around me. To recognize it is over and you just have to say it is hard. I just wish I was already past the point of breaking her heart. It is not what I want to do.

  52. Sad to see how people change when all of a sudden money is involved. I think you made the right choice and i am looking forward to watch your new website. You go, beautiful woman!

  53. I’m glad to hear that you have successfully made the jump from the Dark Side. It will only get better for you now. God bless and thank you.

  54. Sorry to hear about your accident and the losses in your business. Business lessons can be hard lessons when you learn them in real time – just like love lessons 🙂 The good news is that you won’t a make the same business mistakes again, unlike love (at least that’s been my experience!). Best of luck with your new business.

  55. Sorry to hear about what pains you went through with the accident and losing love and your business to your ex.
    But I’m happy that you’re posting again and recovering physically from the accident and emotionally with a new boyfriend. I’m sure things will go better from here on.
    Wish you all the best and thank you for sharing your story.

  56. Hi, Howdy, and a big HELLO, Ma’am!
    The stars dimmed a little here in the Heart of Texas when it was learned of the passing of Miss Crimson. Although it seemed to me at the end she was ready to leave. And you, Miss m0rgan, were wonderful for letting her go.
    Now, Miss Chloe Morgane, it is indeed a pleasure to meet you. Thank you also for .
    Once again, here deep in the Heart of Texas, the stars are shining big and bright.
    Oh! Please, Ma’am, how is Ginger’s condition? KTM’s are pretty hard to put down. They are one TOUGH animal!

    1. Those are beautiful words from a beautiful soul. Thank you so much!
      Ginger is absolutely fine. She’s in the basement in good company (Dan’s BMW 1200 Adv).

  57. Heureux de te voir de retour, heureux de te savoir sur pied et de sortir tes griffes pour rugir comme une tigresse.
    Bon vent à toi.
    Si tu as besoin d’une intro AfterEffect fais moi signe !

  58. Shakespeare had something to say about the value of names; something to do with flowers smelling the same no matter what you call them, or whatever.

    It doesn’t matter what name you go by. (although admittedly it took several months of occasional searching before I found your new name.) You are one of the most genuinely attractive adult actresses I’ve ever seen, and the sincerity of your performance makes it immensely more exciting to watch. I think it’s a safe bet that every man on earth wishes his partner cared as much about his enjoyment of sex as you demonstrate in your videos. I know I sure do.

  59. I am so sorry you went through such a terrible period. I am sure the injury and the business collapse took a heavy toll mentally and spiritually. However, isn´t it wonderful that you found a new companion and have started on a new life and career. ¨live and learn¨, nothing could be truer and from the sound of your blog you have done just that! I am so pleased because while, like many of your online followers, I found you quite by accident I was quickly charmed and amazed by your intelligence, character and warmth. Traits that stand out in your written and video personas and separate you “from the pack”. I wish you all the best and please know you have friends and admirers out here that want only the best for you, whatever that may entail. You can always look to us for support! Warm regards, T

  60. Sorry to hear things took a bad turn, but glad to see things turning around. I missed seeing your updates. You’ve always been so much more than a “porn chick.”

  61. I do not ask you to try to remember, but back when your(and Mikes )personal fracture came, I talked to you about my thirty-year quietly loving marriage and its sudden end.
    You were sympathetic but thought thirty years without passion unendurable for you.
    I have to speak for Mike a moment- remember that he wanted to have your equal love,when he must have come to think of himself as an important piece of stage scenery, replaceable without your love and his reciprocity. The passion was gone, lost
    because you had nothing to offer him from your success. All this sincere Blather is really about how passion is much harder to nourish than love. A warning from my deep love for you, your perfect beauty and your mission to make sex/love solid and beautiful

  62. Never subscribed to a site before, not even your last ones, but I like to see you bouncing back and want to support that, so consider me signed up.

  63. I, too, wish you all success and happiness in this newest situation.

    Your piece did make me want to express opinions I hope aren’t thought too sharp, but I can’t help but feel that because your site disproportionately attracts nice guys—guys who would like their cocks sucked by an intelligent woman they like, as opposed to wanting to hate-fuck the throat of a gurning fembot—and nice guys tend to be nice to partners who help them get sexual pleasure, and so the chorus of affirmation you’ve just got and certainly can use needs a counterpoint, if only in the form of the slave who would in the midst of a Roman triumph whisper ‘Thou, too, art mortal!’ into the ear of the man (sorry) being honoured (except if Suetonius wasn’t lying, Gaius Caligula during the triumph held after he beat the ocean in battle, obviously, as he was a god [if you knew what was good for you, and after awhile everyone left alive did]).

    …and you’ve probably thought of these, but still:

    0.) Everything else aside, ‘Camille Crimson’ would still be more valuable to you. If traffic falls off sufficiently to that site and he’s better at business than a bitter, M.L. might be willing to make a deal that might be a good idea for you.
    1.) Vous êtes bien sûrement une intelligente, mais votre anglais—que assurément sera toujours meilleur que mon pauvre français—a besoin d’éditeur…comme avant, c’est l’affaires.
    2.) You should trademark whatever name you use, and not make it joint property ever. (The real shame is that you can’t use your real name…I have no cure for puritanical obnoxiousness handy, and Iain M. Banks can’t offer any pointers now.)
    3.) You need to think about how to stay with someone even after the initial rush were gone, if (s)he’s right, as even the right person might at some point not be what they were at the start. Right now, Dan is the mostly wonderful man alive, and I hope that he’ll stay so (and conscious of his luck), mais tout lasse…. Don’t ‘settle’ as people misuse the term, but note that your business depends on a certain number of men masturbating when we’d rather have sex but have no immediately willing partner, or none at all….
    4.) Speaking of luck: as an atheist, I suggest you thank God you’re in Canada, even Harper’s Canada. Last year, pre-{most of the A.C.A. (called ‘Obamacare’, actually the product of a right-wing ‘think’-tank) coming into effect}, very, very few women in porn here in the South had health insurance. As bad as your luck was, and despite how much hospitals in Canada still gouge where they can (parking!), consider how much worse it could have been.

    Good luck; if I hadn’t promised my wife I’d never pay for porn, and weren’t sure that she’d not be comfortable with that changing….

  64. I guess this extra reply form won’t retire unless I say something moe-I’ll mention your eyes, which say more about your essence than any other part of you…not to neglect the arousing rest! ….BLJHB

  65. I am so very happy that thru all this you sound like you’ve found a new happiness.
    I remember when you first mentioned getting a bike. As one who vowed off them after flying thruogh the air, I was worried we would hear of “the accident”, and there it was. Nasty looking break, and I’m an Ophthalmologist.
    Of course business and personal relationships don’t mix well as you have found out. And the courts are a great place if you’re a lawyer.
    I always felt that the sites were YOU. You were and are what makes it all very special. The very first time I saw a video, on a free site, but it led me to yours, it was your eyes that caught my heart. You have a relationship not ony with your lover, but with the camara. You bring us in with you, to feel your spirit, passion, and love. Even in your older photos from Dolorem one can see something of the deeper you, through your eyes. I’ve missed that.
    So, it took a while to find you again. (Not a twitterite, or facebooker), and I love the name change. Much sexier! My very best wishes an the new site and look forward to it and having your blog back again.
    Kisses through the internet, AJG

  66. Hi Chloe,

    it no matter your name, you are a beautiful person, in many ways, I will love follow you, now, at your new project. regards.

    Te admirare siempre!!!!

  67. Chloe,

    So glad to see the whole story here. While it was difficult for you, it all turned out in the end. I’m so happy for you.

    Love Always,


  68. Beautiful Woman- we love all of you — Scars, soul, enthusiasms, food, friendships, moto’s, musics, Dan as a real person , a real friend , as much as a Real lover!
    From a guy who really does understand….BLJHB

  69. Dear Chloe,

    Welcome back. I am sorry you had to go through such dark times during your hospital stay. The physical pain was bad enough, let alone having to deal with the pain of a relationship ending. I am happy that you made it through with your charm and grace intact. It is also heartwarming to hear you have found someone. I wish you two success and happiness as your blooms.

    All my best as you recover from your injuries.

  70. Hello gorgeous redhead Chloe !!!

    Great to hear (and see !!) that you’re back 🙂

    So sorry to read what has happened to you in recent months…
    But you’re a strong lady and bounced back, even more : you got back stronger and better 🙂

    Anyway, your “new name” sounds more sexy too 🙂 🙂
    So you see: something good did come from something “bad”.

    I have deep respect for what you dicided to do and admire your ability fo forgive and get on with life.

    Sweet regards from a fellow redhead 😉

  71. I’ve missed you! My heart sores to know that you are healthy and happy. Aren’t paramedics great, they are almost as good as us lab guys.

    Best wishes

  72. You will ALWAYS be Camille to me! I have loved you since i first came across your videos in 2011 and you know what? i always will love you. I am devastated that you can no longer use the name that is rightfully yours. I used to communicate with you in the comments section of your facebook page! dont know if you remember. anyway you will always have my support. please start a new facebook page or twitter. i will share your beauty with everyone i know. I wish you all the very best. i once sent you an email to your gmail account but i guess since they are in control over everything camille crimson related, you wouldnt have received it. Glad you have found love in your life :). Loads of love from me to you, ALWAYS <3

  73. It’s really sad how people behave when it comes to money.

    This very much seems like a 50/50 venture, and to be treated like this after being an equal partner is sad, but at the same time very revealing of the nature of the other person.

    You only really get to understand the other person by seeing how they behave when they are being pushed to the limit.

    Maybe he’s angry because you left him, but as you said, sitting in the hospital, you were forced to see things for what they were.

    Maybe it’s better to just let him go. If you are amazing as people say you are, maybe one day he will make the concession to at the very least give you your name back. You earned it, and you made it you. Until then, be kind, but stay far away till this man gives you what is rightfully yours.

    It is the only fair thing to do for both of you.

  74. Hi Chloe,
    I just want to say how much I admire you and the courage you displayed in your difficulties over the past year. You are definitely my hero. To cope with the difficulties of the injury and the way that affected all aspects of your life and to move on in life with forgiveness the way you have is truly awesome. It is so important to have a positive outlook on life. I love the openness and freedom you show and on top of that you are really beautiful.
    You are an inspiration to me and I wish I could be more like you. I know how difficult relationship breakdowns can be and in my struggles I keep thinking of you and you give me courage to keep going.
    I am a physiotherapist in Australia and I am amazed how well you are doing after your accident. I’m sure you’ve had plenty of advice and please forgive me for adding to all that, but I’d suggest that if you want to keep riding, that you have the hardware removed sometime next year as all those screws can leave a weakness in the bone, increasing the likelihood of fracture in another accident (not that you’re planning on having another one). Also the plate leaves a weak point at the end and can work as a fulcrum and the presence of metal is also a magnet for possible infection.
    Our surgeons here are reluctant to remove plates and screws, but in the long run you are better of without all that hardware. I hope the Canadian surgeons are a bit more pro-active.
    Thank you for being such a beautiful person and I wish I could meet you one day.
    I’d give a a big big Aussie sisterly hug.
    Sandi Nelson

    1. Hi Sandi!

      It’s a strange but awesome feeling to be the hero of someone, thank you for sharing and for the compliments!
      I will be removing the plate and screws sometime in October/Novembre 2014, depends when my surgeon can perform the surgery. I’m lucky to have a younger and more open surgeon now, my previous one retired!


  75. Hi Chloe, Dont know if you remember me from twitter. I used to write you some lovely words once in a while … Regardless, what was you is still within you and only you. No one can steel that part of you. You can tailor it the way you want it to be from now on and that’s always a good thing. Love is not something fixed in stone, but a currant we float with and nourish as much as possible to our heart content. But when it is time to move on, the heart cannot bleed more for the past.

    I am happy that things, after all turned out better for you so I’m sure. A shame that somebody else is trying to squeeze the lemon over your legacy, but eventually the table will turn around. Personnaly, and as many have already said, the older sites are pretty lame now. Just another site.

    I sincerely hope you live a life of your own, not necessarily public or marketed as a product. But if that what’s your heart tells you to do, by all means fly to the red sky.

    I am quoting myself here (from my Facebook page) :

    “C’est dans le coeur que nous sommes définies et en ce dernier que nous sommes éternels.”

    Make it beat ! ! ! ! !

    From a Fellow Montrealer 😉

    1. Bonjour Vaudelaire,

      Je crois bien me souvenir de toi… Tes pensées sur l’amour et le coeur sont nobles, humbles et vraies!
      Et ce n’est pas trop grave, un citron a beaucoup de jus 😉

      BooBoom! BooBoom! Tu entends ça?

      1. Oui oui j’entends. Votre coeur résonne à travers les champs pour répandre son goût de citron. BooBoom ! BooBoom ! 😉

        Vos yeux toujours aussi brillants de vitalité avec une chevelure toujours enflammée, on constate la vraie muse derrière le succès et la source de la beauté de votre qualité.

        Heureusement, en effet, votre citron a encore beaucoup de jus à offrir 🙂

        Bon succès et surtout, beaucoup de bonheur … et plaisirs !!!

  76. Dear Chloe, im glad youre happy again. I do really love your work and ive learnt from your videos all i can do now. Please, keep up with your work.
    Lots of love and greetings from Poland:*

  77. Chloe…it’s more than a delight to have found you again dear. Hopefully all the healing is over and done. As a former X-Ray tech……that was one nasty break you had there. The resulting corrective surgery looks very good.

    So glad to see you have grabbed the reigns once again and continue to pleasure us with your presence. You used to to correspond with me on my Facebook Page as Camille.

    Once again… sorry for all the trouble you have had to go through, and thanks for making the effort to return to your passion and ART…there is no one better!!

    Your fan ~ Shakkar

    1. Hi Shakkar,
      I’m glad you found your way here! Indeed, my surgeon told me they rate breaks on a scale of 1 to 6 and mine was a 6… Oh well! The surgery went well and the bone has healed perfectly. I’ll get the plate and screws removed sometime in October / November and hopefully I’ll be back 100%.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and no trouble could stop me from doing what I love!

  78. I can’t believe that I found you again, I’m very sorry all the shit that hapenned to you, I wish you the best luck of the world.

  79. As a lawyer I knew something was wrong when I saw that Mike was listed as the creator (owner) of the site. Run undue influence by your lawyers! Get them to consider your unpaid wages as an actor on the site. The right lawyer in your world (canada) can help I believe. You were married(right) to Mike, where is the settlement in a court setting?

    This site “ ” has tremendous future revenue. It is the best site on the net because you appear to be in love with the co-actor. What a waste to let Mike garner all of the revenue and leave you destitute.

    Go for it.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thank you for the advice. I don’t want to spend my energy on this even tho my lawyer had found the way to give me back what belonged to me (and more) and if I did, I would probably put Mike in a bad position which is not what I wish for him (always wished him good).

      I wasn’t married, we were common law spouse.

      Any site can have tremendous future revenue! I believe in myself and I know I will make a good living out of my new ventures 🙂

      1. Dear Chloe

        This reply of you affirms once again that you are not just beautiful inside and outside but that you are also extraordinarily mature.

        It is also an affirmation that you have moved on and are able to confidently radiate your optimism for a bright future for you.

        And we are all rooting for your ongoing success

  80. Chloe,1 request – Please do one scene like the EROTIC VOYEUR BLOWJOB like you did on the Art of blowjob (From the female perspective in the beginning)

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I will donate any amount for it.

    Thank you!

      1. Thank you sooooo much. Keeping my fingers crossed and eagerly waiting for it. I know you will do it because you are soooo nice.

        Much love.

        Hugs and kisses.

  81. oh!! Sorry to hear about your accident ,and mike too ,although now you have dan but if you still think good for mike then you can suck him some times or have a dp session along with dan to make ends meet , i think it will look awesome when both guys cum , and you get more love and a hot video..
    Waiting for some action

    1. Hi Nikita,

      Thank you for you message. There is no way I will give a double blow job to my ex and Dan for the simple reason that I will never, ever give a blow job to Mike 😉

      1. from what i read on your blog i think mike cheated you financially and robbed what you deserved in the first place, i also hate such men who pretend to know all the business and rob money from their partners , mike hid the truth from you and used you the wrong way .now i seriously realize what would you have gone through and i also apolgise , it is your descision and i earlier only read your replies where you mentioned you thought good for mike and spontaneously posted. Once again i apologise and i really admire your work i also want to try your style ,i love your videos and i love you as a person and my feelings are only for you and not mike nor dan ,so please oblige me, and for the kinky side your current videos are way too hot than before and i love your intercourse video , i also want to join your website. Hoping you reply
        With love and apologies

        1. Yes… Don’t apologize, it’s ok! I’m honoured you admire my work and want to try my style 😀

          Also, thank you for the compliment on my new work, it means the world to me!

          Hope you were able to watch a couple of videos now if you’ve joined!

  82. Dear chloe in today’s world such tragedies do occur one can only have faith in self and hope a better future

    1. Hi Arpit,
      I don’t believe what happened to me is a tragedy (I mean, there are things going on in this world that are far more tragic then my accident), but I appreciate your kind words! Faith is strong and where ever you place it, it will make you or break you.

  83. Dear chloe
    i seriously observe your videos ,your performance is very supportive as a female ,in your acts you have smartly yet generously portraied the feelings and natural behaviour of a lady who gives a lot of affection. Indeed there is love and art mixed with a playfull spark between you and your partner ,a carishma that is sadly missing in today’s relationships. I also like your new name . ‘Chloe’ but there are other’s with matching names so look out for infringements. I enjoyed your ‘tasty creampie’ video in your chloe morgane page i look forward to see a better version of it and more such acts ,i also feel bad about your leg as i have also suffered one. Please i wish to see more facial expression of satisfaction in you oral acts after receiving cum. I also would love to see an anal penetration act.Your loving fan

  84. I almost nearly put the e-mail from ‘Chloe Morgane’ straight in my spam folder, but something made me open/read it. So, what a pleasant surprise to discover that you’re doing well, and that you were so refreshingly open and honest about the events of the last 9 months or so. I have to admit that I unsubscribed to the Art of Blowjob months ago, as it still said Camille Crimson, but it sure as hell wasn’t you! And now I know what’s been happening, and (no pun intended) it really sucks! But, the very best of wishes to you and your new name/website etc.
    I have of course now subscribed and look forward to seeing your posts.
    Graham x

  85. Loving your new website Chloe, it’s even better than before! I wanted to ask if you were still experimenting with other women? I loved your double blow job videos before. It was so hot the way you and the other girl passed a cock between your mouths. Oh my god! It actually inspired me to try it with my man and a gorgeous young girl we know, and we all love it soooo much! I’d love to see more of you and your new fella sharing a girl. Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Hello Debra!

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment on my new website! For now, since my relationship is still in the mist of love and passion, I will not share my boyfriend with other women. I don’t believe I could withstand sharing him, at least not so soon!

      1. As much as I’d love to see more of you with beautiful women, I understand your position entirely!
        I’ve always disliked the notion that the longer you’ve been with someone, the more you HAVE to spice up your sex life. I’m of the opinion that the longer you’ve been with someone, the more you CAN spice up your sex life!
        And right now you’re in a new relationship – and from what I’ve seen it’s a great one! – so the time isn’t right. I totally get that, with all my heart 🙂
        Maybe one day, though… ;-D
        Keep up the great work, Chloe! You’re beautiful!

  86. Hiya !

    umm I recently saw one of your videos and I must say your work is beyond appreciation. However I had question, . What is the size of that guys penis in your videos? Plz don’t get me wrong am not trying to offend him, am just asking coz mine looks almost the same size and I have penis size depression so I just wanted a help.
    Hope you understand, your help would help me a lot, I mean a lot. And I wish you all the very best in ur life.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Shasha,

      I’m glad you liked my video. I do not know his size, but he is perfect for me. You should be proud of your penis no matter what size it is. A penis is beyond beautiful, it gives pleasure and must be cherished and loved by its owner.

      Please find help to get you out of this depression. There are people who have the tools to help you in a respectful manner.

    2. I am not at all concerned with the size of his cock—however I have a hard time looking at an un-cut cock. I wish your new man would endure the procedure as he would appear SO much better to the benefit of the site! I’m pretty sure you would prefer sucking his cock after the operation. And I know lots of us would rather see you sucking his clean cut looking cock! The better to enjoy his pulsing! Just another humble opinion.

        1. Chloe or Camille–I apologize to you and your man for my selfish suggestion! It is your business alone and if I need to avert my eyes I will. Good luck with everything from here on out. I’ll be watching! You are awesome in looks and skill!

  87. Hey Chloe!

    I was wondering what happened to you and now I found out. Sorry for what happened, it sucks. I hope everything works out for the best.

  88. Hi dear, just read your side of the story. Glad you found love and recovered well 🙂

    I have been visiting the older websites and blogs but I don’t find them the same without you. I just came to know about the new name. I am happy you started over. Always stay blessed, be happy, my wishes are with you 🙂

    Love you <3 🙂 :*

    God I have been missing those mesmerizing blue eyes and those irresistible lips.

  89. Lovely to finally hear the story from your POV. After your exit from the other site, reading their explanation felt a bit hollow–like important parts of the story were missing. Add that to their final video release of you (which I had no way of knowing was consensually released or not), and I thought something fishy might be going on.

    Anyhow: glad to see you’ve landed on your feet, with someone whom you care about and who cares about you. That’s important, and it’s just icing on the cake that you’ve got your new business up and running here.

    From a strictly personal POV, I am THRILLED to have found your new site. I missed seeing your material, and I’m all kinds of thrilled to see that the new site has expanded your ‘repertoire’!

    1. Hi Revanite,

      Both side of the story has holes in it. There are things that are better unsaid. Indeed, the final video wasn’t consensual. It was made before the company was created and wasn’t for them to post.

      We can only go further and the choices we make every shape who we are going to be tomorrow. I want to choose what’s best for me, for my happiness because it’s the only way to be able to give everything you’ve got to other.

      I’m very happy you love my new site and the expended repertoire!

      With Love!

  90. Hi Chloé!
    Just thank you for yours smiles every days on facebook. You make me happy, to see yours eyes, your body. You’re realy beautiful and a dream on my life to be happy in love like you.
    Thank you
    I love you
    I’m french, sorry for my words
    Big kiss 🙂

  91. je viens de lire “open heart” et j’avoue que je vous dois mes excuses de m’être trompée entre Mike et Dan.(voir sur votre profil facebook)
    Pour ma part je ne peux que vous souhaiter du bonheur dans votre vie et que cet amour avec Dan soit des plus beau (et que ça soit aussi réciproque)
    Je constate que des fois par accident on se rend compte avec qui on partage sa vie et que par accident aussi on trouve l’amour,le vrai…..vous êtes resplendissante et ces mots ne sont que les dires de ce que je vois…magnifique,rayonnante,sublime…voilà encore ce que je vois en vous.
    Sachez que je vous apprécie même si je ne suis pas portée par les femmes,mais quand je vois quelqu’un de beau je me permet de le lui dire.

    Bonne continuation à vous deux,soyez heureux ;o)


  92. Hi Chloe/Camille (or w/e it is you are called irl).

    I appreciate your honesty and truthfulness in sharing with your fans the reasons behind your new name and your new site. HUGE respect for having the courage to act when you realised that what you were getting from life just wasn’t what you actually wanted from life. So few people have the courage to do that, especially in relationships that have been going a while.

    As regards your new site, always loved your videos, you gave bj’s the way they should be, slow and loving, a huge world of difference away from all the crap that other sites/studios usually put in their productions.
    However, SO glad to have found your new name/site, and tttt (to tell the truth) it is MUCH better, a huge world of difference better in fact than the old site.
    On your old site you gave incomparable bj’s, but there were always 2 things missing, some intercourse and some views of your wonderful breasts as well. And in your new site, we not only get both, we get some creampies as well. (The vid of you getting a creampie and then lovingly licking off his chest what had fallen out, mindblowing, the most loving and sexiest thing I’ve ever seen on film).

    Keep up the good work, take care, stay happy and stay inspirational to others who haven’t found the courage to act on their own unhappiness.

    Kal x (hope you don’t mind the little kiss, always wanted to give a beautiful redhead a kiss and now I sort of have).

    1. Hi Kal,

      Thank you for your beautiful comment. It’s a thrill to see a fan find his way to my new identity… 🙂
      How wonderful that you think my new site is much better than the old one! I’ll keep it up, making it even better for every video.

      Thanks so much!
      Chloe xxx

  93. I have watched your camille crimson videos and find you very beautiful and stunning snd of course sexy. Most sensuous woman I have ever seen, outside my love of my own. I love this site.

  94. wow amazing story! Glad you are better and that I finally found your new home on the web! Missed seeing your updates ect for the last year or so! Thank you for sharing about yourself and the beautiful art you produce!

  95. I’m really glad I read this. I had read the post from your ex a while ago when I wondered what had happened and at first felt bad for him. I don’t remember him saying anything disparaging, but I remember just feeling bad for him that his partner had left. After reading this I see what the other side to the story is, and gain some more insight as to the things left out of “his” side.

    Glad to hear you’re in a good place now, and hope the happiness continues.

  96. Just now reading this all for the first time. I am sorry for both your broken leg and your broken heart. But glad to hear that both are on the mend. Joined in receiving your news letter, my eventually join your site. Have been a big fan of your work for a while now. It has actually helped in a couple of relationships. Thank you. Hope to be able to chat with you from time to time.

    1. Thank you! It’s always great to hear that I have been able to help! I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flickr and Pin too!

  97. I’ve been a subscriber to AOBJ for a while now and just joined to be able to see more of your videos. Half hour too late I discovered your new site! If only I knew before I signed up, I would’ve joined here instead. You definitely class up these kind of videos and by far are the best at them. Glad you’re still doing them!

    1. Hello Big Fan,
      Sorry you discovered my website after joining to AOBJ… If your wish is to encourage me then you can always cancel-refund at the other website 😉

  98. Hi my oral queen, im from Sao Paulo – Brazil, my english is not so good.
    When it comes to São Paulo walk look for me , I am in love with his mouth …. with all due respect to Dan ….
    every man wants a woman like you.

  99. You know, you had to do what you had to do. You seem to be a strong, passionate person. You can change names, company’s, and places in the world. But your essence stays with you. What ever name you go by, you will still be you. Thank you for your sensuality and your gentle sprit….

    1. That is very sweet of you to say, George! I am passionate, and I hope that the passion never leaves.
      Love, Chloe xx

      1. Comparing the ex and Dan, who has the better cock to suck and overall sexual compatibility for you? I like the fact that Dan is not the body perfect porn star look! I share his body type!

        1. Dan is a 1000% more sexually compatible with me. I love his cock, his foreskin, its mild curve that stimulates my g-sport while we make love. His body is strong, and he smells so delicious…He’s perfect for me!

          1. Does the foreskin have any advantages when it comes to oral? I love watching videos where there’s a lot of play and attention to it, but there are so few places online where I can enjoy that sort of thing, excluding your amazing works.

          2. There are no real “advantages”, both are lovely to suck on. Foreskin just adds to the things I can do to please my man’s penis!

          3. I understand how you feel, you love both. For me though, watching the extra things you’re able to do your partners forekin is just another thing I can appreciate.

  100. I am so glad you’re back and I am truly grateful woman like you exist. I really appreciate the sensuality and chemistry you have in your videos, especially the recent ones. Your entire approach to sex is amazing, you’re so positive, thank you for being there for us people who very much enjoy your works.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks, it’s very rewarding to read your comment! I’m glad you were able to find me back with the name change… ^.^

  101. It was kind of difficult to find your new name, they didn’t just state it on the other blog. But eventually I found out through some random place on the internet. I think I like the new name and content even more after the change.

  102. Thanks for putting your story out there. I look forward to see you grow. You sound like a beautiful , honest and happy person.

  103. Oh my god
    You are such a beautiful woman . You are a Dream !!! My big Dream is to spend only a Day with you , i love you 🙂 xoxo

    (Sorry for my english i’m from germany )

  104. Bonjour Chloe, je suis content de vous savoir heureuse, cela se voit dans votre oeuvre. Au delà même du plaisir, vous êtes une artiste qui inspire le bonheur !

  105. Now i am convinced to join just by this Touching Report i had Missed simehow. See I knew about the accident but I didn’t know what the what extent was what happened to you.Also You kissing that Dildo over in bed doesn’t look to bad no doing it right girl. I’ve been a bet nice young friend brought it to you. Did the did the nurses give you private time I sure hope they Did. They did when i got ran over and it broke my pelvis in two places but that wasn’t the thing almost bled to death. So i came out With Whole New Attitude basically me and my Mom see. Hang tuff Shug my lil Hero. Thx for the leasons and education you truly Ru my World well that and Hot Men. Oh and I can have a good time show about meal it’s called them the Gypsy Guitarist. I think lol. Still trying to keep the account private and I change the names too many time times. Anyways Mwah From Your Biggest Male Fan. Aloha Derrick W. White.

  106. It would be an interesting blog post on for you to look back at how you said that you gave up (sort of) but never really did. Look at what you have done for yourself in comparison to what you had been. You are truly beautiful now as being only you. TY.

    Note: I would still read your words even if you did not do anything other. But that you share the other, I am so very happy to view… often 🙂

  107. Dear Chloe,
    Your instructional video’s are excellent.
    My only hesitation in subscribing is the lack of a non auto subscribe/payment option.
    Bless you and your family and friends.

    1. Hi Gary, thank you for the compliment on my work!
      The membership options offer 2 non-reccuring options: 3 months and 6 months.
      You could also subscribe for the one month membership and cancel anytime before the next billing. You’ll still have access to the site until your membership expires.

  108. Hi Chloe. I found out about you when you friended me on xvideos. I’ve never been much of a reader in general unless something really catches my attention. I must say your blogs are some of the best things I’ve ever read. So I started reading Open Heart today. I’ve read it and re-read it serveral times. Every time I’ve read it I’ve felt more and more emotional about it to the point of tears running down my face. Just the physical pain had to be awful to endure, but then to go through the emotional pain of what your ex did. Most people wouldn’t have been able to come back from that. You, however, are not a normal person. You’re a very special person. You took what could’ve been a such a horrific negative, and turned it into a great positive. I admire you for that. You are such a fantastic person. I’ll probably read this about 100 more times and I’ll probably have tears streaming down my face. I love all your stuff I’ve been able to see. I wish I could join and pay to see everything on your website, but I’ve been having money issues lately, so I’ll stick with the free stuff and I’ll keep reading your blogs. I wish you nothing but the best. You’re such an inspiration to me.


    1. Hi Mike,

      Through all the hard times, I’ve learned so much. I think that people are stronger than they think they are, me included. I wouldn’t be where I am today, think how I think, and love the way I love today if it hadn’t been for this challenge. I am grateful to my ex for all he did; he pushed me to be 100 times stronger!

      Thank you for your kind comment, I’m deeply touched by your compassion. It’s such a beautiful quality!

      Sending you love!

      1. I’ve always been emotional, and I hate seeing good people like you get hurt, physically and emotionally. I am so glad that you turned a negative into a positive. It’s not as easy thing to do. I have so much respect for you because i would have a hard time with that. I think i have a new role model. That really is what you are. Thanks for taking the time to answer back. You don’t know how much this means to me.

  109. Life id not an easy ride, with very big portion of those obdtscles made by our poor choices. Those are being often referred as a “school that has to be paid for”. Through your texts , your face, body language ,etc, i started to understand who are you under that milik of a skin and fire in the hair. Find a comfort for yourself in that he actually porn-pimped the woman that loved him more than life,and even that wasn’t enough for him. Heads up, sweetie. You have a line from here to Mars praying to God that you will pick exactly them. And now you know what to avoid. Much love,kiddo. Stay safe!

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