Hear me Roar

Self love, self pleasuring, I’m rediscovering my body, exploring my intimacy. I would have loved to offer you my wetness and my roaring orgasm. I caught it for you in the wild so you can watch it later tonight or maybe we could watch it together, and you could hear me roar!

Red Lips Blowjob

My red lips around your beautiful cock always get you hard. You especially love when I deep throat you and lick your balls simultaneously. It’s a skill that takes time to master.

I worship your cock, making a cup around it with my hands as if it is the most precious thing in the world from witch I could drink from.

I love your beautiful cock, and exploring the divine pleasures I can create¬†with my mouth to give you the most tantalizing sensations. I want to take you all inside my mouth, down my throat and I’m grateful you help me and push yourself deep, it arouses me so much!

A Blowjob Before Leaving for Work

You’re headed to work a little in advance. It leaves us time for a beautiful blowjob before you leave the house. We’re passionately kissing and that is enough to make your cock swell.

I go down on you and unzip your jeans. It’s always a pleasant surprise to take off your clothes and reveal your beautiful dick. I carefully take your yummy cock out and start to suck on it with delight. I suck on you and you help me get it deep in my throat.

Your pleasure grows and you come hard and loud. I still have your creamy cum in my mouth. You ask for it in your hand because you want to feed it back to me tenderly.