Changes to the Website

When I created the home site for, I’ve used a theme that I bought online. It was Okay because I wanted to launch the site as fast as possible, and instead of spending time on the design, I thought it would be better to create videos, and talk to my fans.

The theme looked neat from the outside, but it was overly complicated under the hood. I couldn’t find my way through, and that created barriers for me to do any kind of changes that would make the site better.

With the launch of the new design, I’ve re-learned a lesson: changes create problems. I had a few bugs to fix, and I don’t know if you’ll like it. Over time, I hope it’ll create better problems than preventing me from working on enhancing your experience!

So if you find things that don’t work, take a screenshot, and send it to me (please :P):

Thank you, love you!!!

The One

Most people know that their partner will hardly ever change because they ask or want them to. If they don’t know that yet, they soon find it out the hard way. Still, it’s astounding the number of people who say they will succeed in changing something they dislike in their partner.

When someone makes a change, it’s often with great effort, and only if he or she has strong reasons to do so.

Wouldn’t it be easier to find someone who has less of the things you don’t want, and more of those that you want? Of course, if you don’t know what you’re looking for in the first place, how can you ever find the one?

Running in Circles

You probably know what you want to change in your life, but maybe you’re not open to change, or you’re stuck in a loop.

You want to change, but can’t seem to accomplish what you said you would, or you don’t know how to make it happen.

Maybe you do things, but it’s not working, and you don’t know what to do differently.

You might be too afraid because you know your own limitations, or it’s impossible because you would destroy everything you’ve built so far.

You’re running in circles. If only you could take action. You don’t feel like it though. You’re too tired. You’re afraid. You can’t. Your boss won’t let you. You have bills to pay. And you have 5 or 10 more very good reasons not to.

Changing something is a lot of work, and nobody feels like doing it. And there’s the difference between someone who’s running in circles, who feels stuck, and someone who does it anyway and makes things happen.

I know. The life you created makes you feel trapped and frustrated. You want something more.

The only antidote to running in circles is action. You’re in charge, and you can do the hard work to make your desires come true. Take action when you don’t feel like it, when you worry you can’t, and when everyone says you’re crazy.

Listen to that little twinge and stop running in circles.

How to Make Progress

Measure Where You Are

We’ve all heard the quote, “What gets measured gets managed”. I’m confident that the first step to progress is to measure what you want to improve. Whether it be a bad habit, your finances, your health, or something related to your business, you simply can’t progress if you don’t know where you are at. And if it’s not at the level that you want it, then it’s wrong, and it needs to be changed.

Measuring will give you the basis from where you are now, to where we want to go. Imagine how confusing it would be if runners didn’t know where to start or finish a race or a marathon! That’s why you need to be clear on what you want to change, and how much you want to change it.

You might find out that you thought something was going really bad, but by measuring it, you realize that everything is fine.

Change Your Mind

You cannot make progress if you do not change, and people who won’t change their minds, can’t change anything.

Changing is hard. That’s why you need to practice changing. Fool your mind into thinking that changing is easy, and fun!

Chunking, aka doing one thing at a time, and momentum will help tremendously. I like to use the word momentum instead of discipline, because most people hate discipline, even if it creates freedom and power.

When you find out that something is not at the level that you want it, it can be very disturbing, which is good! Being disturbed creates the drive to make changes. You might want to try to make yourself feel good without making a change, but if you do that, you train yourself to accept mediocrity. Don’t.

Get a reminder

I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy. That’s why you need to get a daily reminder about what you want, and why you want it.

It goes without saying that the reason why you want something needs to be personal. If you try to make a change for your spouse, for your boss, for your neighbour, you won’t be able to keep at it to see real changes. You will have waste valuable time and energy that could’ve been used to make a real difference in your life.

Get a System to See Your Progress

There are many ways you can visualize your progress. You can use an app, you can create graphics, or you can write an “x” on a calendar. Whatever you use, make sure it gives you a sense of reward.

Do you have a system to make progress in your life?

Being Selfish and the Serenity Prayer

I feel I’ve been so selfish all those years. Learning all those meaningful, life changing things, and not sharing them with you for fear of being labeled as bizarre. I am bizarre, and so are you. Now that we’re even, I will share one of the meaningful, life changing habits that I have.

It’s not sexy, it’s not classy, it’s not even complicated, but it’s extremely powerful.

It’s the Serenity Prayer, which goes like this:

God*, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

I have a pink post-it on a cupboard door in my bathroom. Every time I go brush my teeth and floss, I read it in my head. Every time I wash my hands after doing what we do in the bathroom, I read it in my head.

Sometimes, it’s just words on a post-it, without direct, related meaning in my life, but other times, it takes on a strong meaning because I’m going through things I would rather not have to deal with. And so the serenity prayer has helped me accept the things I cannot change, given me the courage to make the changes, and take actions when it was right to do so.

It took me about 1:24 min. to write it, and post-it on the cupboard door in my bathroom.

*Yes, the first word is God. This word can take the meaning you want. It can be Boudah, Yahveh, the Spaghetti Monster in the Sky, or your subconscious mind. Whatever you want it to be. Don’t freak about it.

Do you have one like these?

Sharing a WOW! Book

You know how much I love reading… There’s loads of knowledge and wealth in one single book, sometimes I wonder how come they sell for so cheap compared to let’s say, clothing. Yes, we need clothes to protect us from the elements, but it’s not like they bring us any value aside from looking good or hiding the parts of our bodies that society think is less gracious…

Yesterday, I was browsing TED talks and listened to Dr Carol Dweck who’s research explains that it’s not just our talents, intelligence or abilities that bring us success, but our fixed or growth mindset.

I wanted to know more about how I could grow my brain’s capacity to learn and solve problems so I bought her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.

Do you believe you are a certain kind of person, and there’s not much you can do to change that or on the oposite, you can always change substantially the kind of person you are?

Chloe xox

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