The Perfect Day

I love writing down how a perfect day would look like for me. I ask myself, “what if I didn’t have to work?” or “what if money wasn’t an issue?” or “what would a perfect day be like for me”.

Then I go ahead and start writing how a day would look like with these questions in mind.

At first, my real days didn’t look much like my dream days. But every time I do the exercise, I come closer to live my perfect day.

Some of the things I wrote a while back, and that are a reality now, were:

  • Wake-up to the sound of birds.
  • Go for a walk with my dog every morning.
  • Exercise everyday.
  • Take some time to connect with the precious people in my life and tell them how much I love them, and how important they are to me.
  • Play.

What would a perfect day look like for you? 


Life’s Purpose

From the start of this crazy adventure, I’ve committed myself to making beautiful photos and videos of love making, self pleasuring and blowjobs. I believed I could make a change in the industry, I believed it so hard, and with all my being that I think I’ve succeeded. It was either that or I would have died trying!

Along the ride, I had doubts, I was scared, but I never imposed limits upon myself. I’ve embraced the fact that every human being is much more than she ever permit herself to be.

Today, I feel like I live a life of meaning, I have a purpose, and I am happy. I feel the deep satisfaction that my life has value. A value that I can share, and that hopefully can be a source of inspiration and service to others.

What is your life purpose? Have you ever stopped and thought about it?

Camille xox

My mission is to empower people to rethink everything we’ve assumed to be true about pornography by showing real passion, real orgasm, and the things that really takes me to the edge of pleasures and turns me on in my weekly videos.

3 Days Home Alone

This week-end is the Orange Crush rally. I will not be able to attend because the ride is over 900 km off-road over two days and my leg and knee wouldn’t survive. That’s perfectly fine because I know I will be in great shape next year to participate.

So, this week-end, I’ll be home alone because my boyfriend is a volunteer for the event. His skills and passion are greatly appreciated as this kind of rally requires much organization.

What will I do during those three long days without my lover? I have some ideas and you’ll be able to see it in the coming weeks on!

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