Can this Work for me?

You hear or read something that would be empowering if only you didn’t try to find a scenario where it didn’t work. Or, someone tells you exactly how you can change something you’ve been struggling with by sharing their stories, but noooo! It wouldn’t work for you, your situation is way too different.

You do this because your focus is not at the right place. You focus on the problem. You know the problem with rich and vivid details. You can explain it with precision. This habit keeps you from focusing your time and energy on what’s important: the lesson and the solution.

When you’re in the known, even if it’s painful, you feel secure. A solution would make you go into the unknown, so you fight it. You find the one reason why it wouldn’t work, you explain it in details, instead of just trying the solution. What’s the worst that could happen if you tried it? And an even better question would be, can this work for me?

I’ve done this too often. Sometimes, because my focus was on the problem, but other times because Mrs Ego was in the way. I thought that I could solve my problem by myself without anybody’s help. Instead of trying the other person’s solution, I would shake it off using all kinds of excuses.

Have you done this, and how do you fight the urge to discard a good solution or something empowering?



Opportunities to Change

We all have freedom. We can create our own choices. We have opportunities. We decide how to feel.

When you make a choice, it creates changes in your life. The choice is often driven by a problem, or an issue you face that you need to solve. It’s still an opportunity to make a positive change in your life.

When you’re the one creating the opportunity to make a positive change, you’re using your freedom in a more liberal way. You can use your creative thinking, see the world in a different way, without the pressure of having to solve a pressing problem.

Both opportunities can be used to create new solutions. There is never a wrong way to solve a problem. Only in people’s mind is there a particular answer that they are looking for, and when you have a different way to solve the challenge, would they tell you it is wrong.

We’ve been trained to do the “right” thing all our lives. We learn how the world works, and to think in a logical, efficient way. We give away our freedom by accepting to follow the status quo, and we forget how to use our creative capabilities.

But we still can reclaim this fantastic ability. Our brain and our body can engage in responses if we let them feel emotions. Our gut is always talking to us. Some call it intuition, others speak of a “gut feeling”. Emotions never lie, and we better start listening to them.