Chloe Morgane

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Pussy Play With a Glass Dildo

When I feel sexy, it never takes long before it turns into a play session with myself. I touch my pussy with my panties still on. The fabric is delicate and it gives me good sensations from the inside. I love using a glass dildo to masturbate, but first I need to warm it up. I lick it and slide it in my warm and moist mouth, enough that I feel it's perfect now to play with my pussy.

I slide the glass dildo inside me and feel a burst of ecstasy. I go slow at first while I rub my clitoris, but it's not long before I must go faster and faster. My legs are up as I'm lying on my back, and I can hear the dildo plopping sound each time it goes in and comes out. I get to the point where I can't hold it anymore and let myself go to an orgasm that's burning my whole body.

7:19 Min. Video

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