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Hungry, Juicy Pussy

Before I get back to doing my things, I wanted to stop and give myself some love. I have my new favourite dildo and lubricant in my hand. The smile on my face is a predictor of the delightful moment I'm about to live. My hand is rubbing my pussy over my sexy leopard and lace panties. I can already feel the wetness through the soft fabric. I switch to using my dildo to rub my pussy, still over my panties, and using a faster rhythm, I can feel my boobs bounce.

My panties are in the way. They're always in the way. I push them aside, and now I can touch my pussy's wet and warm skin. There's nothing I love more than opening up my flower with my finger, and feeling its moist. Because a dildo isn't like the real thing, I know I'll need to pour a little bit of lubricant to help my dildo slide in and out. I rub it in the lubricant, stimulating my clitoris at the same time. I'm eager to feel it get inside me.

I push my dildo in and slide it not completely out, building on the sensations that will lead me to a powerful orgasm. I can feel all the raised veins as I push the dildo in me, and it's making my toes curl. My head can't stay still, I'm being intoxicated by the intense building up of ecstasy running through my blood. My legs close on tight, my body moves as if it was possessed, and my hands move faster and faster as I'm giving myself an electrifying climax that seems to be lasting for ever.

I now feel very relaxed, and energized. Going back to do the things I need to do for today will be easy.

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