Chloe Morgane

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Anal Pleasure

I squirm on the couch with the idea of ​​what I'm about to do. I know you'll be excited when you're going to look at me. I spread my legs, caressing my genitals and my anus. I close my eyes to enjoy the pleasure and let my imagination run.

I enter a finger in my anus and delight myself with the back and forth movement of my finger that I execute slowly, almost sensually. To fully experience the sensations and excite you a little more, I enter two fingers instead of one. This idea makes me feverish giving me the desire to increase the speed of the back and forth movement of my fingers.

My ardour is so high that I explode in a noisy orgasm. The last spasms of my enjoyment leaves me happy and satisfied. I'm thinking about the moment when you'll watch this short film. It will surely awaken a fiery desire in you to take me the same way.

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