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Mamada en Mexico

07:17 Min. Video

Waiting for you, I flip the Mexico table book, but it's cool in the room so I put down the book and go outside to watch the blue sky and the beautiful landscape that's right in front of me.

I turn my head when I hear the door open. It's been only 10 minutes that we parted and I already miss you! We entwined in each other's arms and kiss for a long moment before you push me gently on the couch.

You're at the right height, just in front of my mouth and it makes me want to suck you. I detach your swimsuit and I'm happy to take you into my hot, wet mouth. What a pleasure to feel you grow and harden until you touch the back of my throat!

With a naughty voice, you ask me to turn around. You undressed and fondle my breasts, then you firmly press them in your hands while you go in and out of my mouth. Touching my pussy, you feel that I'm extremely aroused...

I turn around, I want to see you when you orgasm. And in this position, you can give me a beautiful facial!

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