Chloe Morgane

An Intoxicating Orgasm by my Lively Fingers

An Intoxicating Orgasm by my Lively Fingers

08:24 Min. Video

My high heels are so alluring and provocative. They give me sultry ideas. I'm lying on my antique sofa to satisfy my desire, my excitement continues to rise. My hands wander on my ass, caressing it sensually, and my nimble fingers glide, at first, gently inside my pussy.

I go back and forth, getting my fingers inside and out of my pussy. The pace is slow for the moment, but I soon want more sensations, and my other hand sneaks underneath to tease my clitoris. Both stimuli are good enough in themselves, but it seems I'm in for even more excitement.

My pelvis keeps on dancing. My fingers sink deeper inside my pussy at a frantic pace, so much so that my buttocks are shaken vigorously. I move my hips back and forth to thrust harder on my clitoris, and at the last hit, I go through an intoxicating clitoral orgasmic moment. Finally, I inflict upon myself a strong slap on my ass!

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