Chloe Morgane

The Frenchmaid

The Frenchmaid

Friday, Oct 31st, 2014 | 08:35 Min. Video
In: Anal, Sex, Couple

I had a lot of dusting to do, but I got interrupted in the middle of the job. Taking my feather duster from my hands, you decide to work with it on my butt... It tickles! The view you have is to much for you. While your hand caresses my pussy and my ass, you cock gets bigger and bigger. I get down and suck it, just long enough to get you deep inside my throat and suck your balls. Our bodies want each other. I turn around so you can take me from behind. You're pounding me and I'm clearly loving it, but somehow you stop. Something's on your mind. You make me come; it's a g-spot kind of orgasm. Now it's your turn. With your index finger in my ass, you thrust fast and hard until you come inside my pussy.

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