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Consuming Love in a Fast Thrust

Consuming Love in a Fast Thrust

Friday, Jan 23rd, 2015 | 05:33 Min. Video
In: Sex

You came up to me to give me your cock. My mouth watering, I took it all while you thrusted in and out. Thatís not what you had in mind tho. While you lay down behind me, I smiled because you were so tasty in my mouth. What you wanted was to make love to me and you immediately put your dick in my pussy, starting to thrust at different rythme.

You know I like a little spanking on my pussy, especially when it has a cock inside. As you spank my pussy, I feel your cock getting even bigger. It arouses both very much. You always surprise me, and you did it again, wetting your fingers and rubbing my clitoris, getting me so close to coming.

You slowed down to let me feel your cock inside me, but your ardour took over. You consumed our lust and love at a very fast pace while my legs closed. Wanting to hold me by the leg, I open them for you and felt the passion of your desire in my wet pussy.

Thrusting in and out at a fast pace, holding my hips you come before me in an intense orgasm. While you try to come back to reality, I masturbate with your cock still inside me. Itís all juicy and warm from your cum and thatís enough to make myself come in a deep and strong orgasm.

Slowly, you come out. I caress my feverish pussy, slide a finger inside to get some cum and rub it on. Our love was consumed in a fast thrust.

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