Chloe Morgane

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One, Two, Three, Four Fingers

07:28 Min. Video

With a mischievous smile on my face, I start caressing my pussy through my panties. My smile turns into a feel good smile and my nipples are getting hard and erect from the hot sensations. I focus on rubbing my clitoris through my polka-dot panties.

As cute as they might be, those panties are in the way and I push them aside to rub my clit skin to skin. With a bit of saliva on the tip of my fingers, the feeling is even more enjoyable. So I keep rolling and rubbing.

I'm smiling because I imagine how good it would feel to insert a finger in my pussy. I do it. I insert one finger and thrust in and out. While it does give me great feelings, I wish for a little more sensations and insert one more fingers. Two fingers thrusting and teasing my G-spot are better than one. Getting them out for a moment to play with my clit, I feel like softly pinching it between my index and middle finger. The feeling is ecstatic!

I put my two fingers back inside my pussy, take them out briefly to insert another one in. Those three fingers are thrusting slowly, letting me enjoy the slight stretching. I like it fast, and I thrust them fast bending my wrist to rub my clitoris at the same time. I think about that little pinky finger, how good it would feel to have it inside my wet and warm pussy. I smile out of pleasure and thrust my four fingers in and out vigorously.

Three fingers are what I need to make myself come. My pussy presses against my hand, my head bends over and I moan in pleasure while I feel the powerful orgasm possess my body. I've enjoyed myself so much, I smell and lick my fingers to end this in the most sensual way.

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