Chloe Morgane

Amazing Anal Sex

Amazing Anal Sex

Friday, Apr 3rd, 2015 | 19:00 Min. Video
In: Anal, Sex

My hand slid down my body and went between my thighs and I moaned softly. A slight touch of my clit and I was soaking wet, my pussy on fire.

You teased me, pushing the butt plug a little deeper each time. Your free hand tickling my pussy. A gasp escaped my lips as you pushed the butt plug entirely inside my ass. The short burst of pain transformed into into pure delight and intense pleasure.

Plunging your cock between my dripping pussy lips, nothing between the meeting of our flesh, just the delight of you and the butt plug filling me. Feeling your body pound me, your strong hand holding me tight, I encouraged you to do more.

I didn't even know you could produce that much down there. I realize the aching inside me was lust. I desired your hard cock in my ass like never before. You gave it the attention it deserved. My eyes closed, I told myself I was just a filthy whore and that thought made me come so hard.

You went higher, reaching those heights and yearned for the final release. You filled me with your cum and it felt so good and warm in my tight ass. The joy I felt translated in a smile that would end most calamities on earth!

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