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My Pussy's Decadent Desires

11:58 Min. Video

The softness of the carpet on my skin, the way my body jolted to life in anticipation of the pleasure to come, all of this made my heart race. I took my beautiful dildo to my mouth, kissed it, licked it, sucked it. As I closed my eyes, I push the dildo in and out as if my mouth was fucked by a real cock. It send sparks of desire down my spine. My hand went down and stroked my pussy gently through my silky white panties. Oh, it was so good, but it seems, I always want more. My hand slipped under my panties to caress my soft, wet and plump clitoris.

I didn't last long, my impatience had me remove my panties in a hurry. I grabbed my lubricant and pour a little between my folds. The cold liquid surprised me and made me smile. My fingers spread the wetness from my pussy mixing it to the lubricant making my pussy slick and slippery. I pushed my fingers in and my whole body started to crave the sensation of being filled. So I grasped my big, beautiful pink dildo and rubbed it against my swollen pussy. I like the pressure on it.

I slowed my breathing down until I finally fit the dildo into my tight opening. It is huge, but it fills me so perfectly. All of my nerves sang with pleasure. My mouth hung open, it felt amazing. I was beyond wet and lost myself in the perfect dance with my dildo, rocking my hips up and down. The long and deep strokes continually filling me, each time somehow taking me closer to the edge. My body pulsed from head to toe as I increased the rhythm, hungry to get it even deeper.

My pussy's decadent desires always lead me to powerful orgasm, leaving me feeling engorged, satiated and deliriously happy.

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