Chloe Morgane

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Naughty Anal Play

07:24 Min. Video

I'm feeling naughty, but also so innocent. I want to be on my knees and feel my finger inside my tight little ass hole. That mischievous smile on my lips betrays my thoughts. I pass my fingers on my lips as if I wasn't sure... Anal play is so delicious and tempting because it feels forbidden and all so naughty.

Somehow, there's no time to waist anymore. I want to play and I take my panties off in a heart beat. I lick my fingers, then grab a good amount of saliva between the tips of my fingers. This warm and silky fluid goes right down to my asshole, lubricating and titillating me. Here's my middle finger going in first. Delicately, I push it in and out, absorbing the wonderful sensation that it gives me to feel my finger inside my ass.

This little game of getting in and out is arousing me so much, I have to touch my pussy, stimulate my clitoris. I feel there needs to be a bit more saliva and I toss in some more. My middle finger glides in my asshole easily, so I decide to add one more finger. I push my index finger, stretching my asshole a little bit more. The feeling is amplified and I play whit my ass like this until my body decides to climax.

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