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Sucking you Makes me Wet

05:26 Min. Video

I like to start a blowjob when you're soft. Seeing and feeling you grow in my mouth is wonderful, making my desire for you bloom. While I'm on all fours, our favourite position, you can easily access my pussy and play with my clitoris. My tongue is agile, going in between your skin, teasing your cock head.

You want to return the favour, giving me pleasure with your fingers. You flutter them on my clitoris, push them inside me, and I suck and lick you like a woman whose desires are to the roof. I feel you inside me on both ends. It makes my body shiver, and soon, we're following a silent rhythm. In, out, in, out. Your fingers inside me, my mouth gorging on you hard, tasty dick.

There's electricity surrounding us. The movements we create, me sucking you faster, bringing you closer with each stroke, and you fingering my pussy, sending jolts in my body, are sparking the air with the smell of ecstasy. Soon, you let go. You moan, and at this moment, I can taste the pure, mellow cum from your orgasm filling my mouth. I play with the semen, letting it drip on your cock, sucking it all up, licking every drop as I wouldn't want to waste any of your precious cream.

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