Chloe Morgane

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Your Warm Cum in my Mouth

14:32 Min. Video

There's something I love about feeling you grow in my mouth. Your cock is all hard and I can kiss and lick its foreskin. It drives you wild when your cockhead gets teased after I've delicately pull down your foreskin. Felling my lips down the base of your shaft while still having those sensations from the depths of my throat.

Every time you caress my butt, it makes you harder and I feel it. My mouth opens wider to accommodate your arousal. I love anticipating a delicious creampie... You clearly think the same thing. I love how much we both enjoy these sensual blowjobs.

I know what you want, a combination of stroking, sucking and licking. I also know exactly in which order to give them to you so that you can finish with a powerful orgasm and give me all of your warm cum in my mouth. And hearing you moan is amazing and so erotic!

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