Chloe Morgane

Awesome Anal Sex

Awesome Anal Sex

Friday, Apr 14th, 2017 | 04:29 Min. Video
In: Anal, Sex

I feel the bump in your boxer, cup it with my hand. I know you enjoy the view of my butt as I lay on the side in my pretty laced nightie. You see my nipples through the lace, and my butt is uncovered, offering no resistance to your caresses. I'm teasing your cock with my hand, and I think it's very sexy to see your hardness through your underwear.

Teasing is fun, but we both know that action is going to be even better. Without hesitation, you get off the bed to remove your boxers, and quickly climb back in. You're eager to fuck my tight little asshole. You lift my butt cheek, spread a bit of saliva on your cockhead, and push it in my asshole. The pleasure is intense, even if you're not fully inside me yet. I like that you take the time to let my asshole loosen a bit before you fuck it awesomely.

My face shows a mix of great pleasure and wilderness in the occasional grins I display. I'm so aroused, I need to touch my pussy, helping myself to orgasm. We're both so close, and the thought of you coming in my ass is enough to propel me into ecstasy. At the same time, you let go too and come hard in my asshole.

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