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Sucking You Until You Come

Sucking You Until You Come

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Most of the time, a blowjob is all about the experience leading up to the cumshot. The joy's the ride, so to speak. But even though I'm enjoying this blowjob, I've got something special in my mind, and it comes after the cumshot. So, I suck you and lick you exactly how you like it so that everything is orchestrated to get that cum pumping out of your cock.

I suck on your cockhead, really focusing on it and tonguing your frenulum as you start to pulse for me, getting so achingly turned on. I lick up and down the side of your shaft, driving you crazy with an urge to come. I stroke your shaft while I lick your balls, sucking on them to get you all warmed up and ready to blow. This blowjob comes to a point when you cum in my mouth and against my face, but now comes the fun part...

I rub your cockhead all over my face, along my mouth and down my neck so that I can get all of your creamy cum coating my skin, glistening with the result of your amazing orgasm. There's nothing more incredible than a sensual blowjob that doesn't end with the orgasm... Sometimes, cum brings out the most fun and creativity and I just have to rub it in.

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