Chloe Morgane

Red Hair and Green Flower

Red Hair and Green Flower

05:48 Min. Video

When my eyes are smiling, they might be teasing and playing with you... At least, that's what my eyes are doing while I give you this loving, sexy blowjob. As a redhead, I know I look good in green, so I enjoy getting to dress up in this beautiful green lace lingerie with some green jewelry and this beautiful clover-like flower in my hair for good measure. This blowjob is sexy and sweet and still a little silly!

As my lips slide up and down your shaft, you stroke my arm, and I respond by looking up lovingly and smiling. Each time I pull away to lick or tease, you look down at me, doing something very sexy and hot to your beautiful cock. As my hands start to take hold of your shaft, they work in perfect harmony with my mouth. My tongue traces perfect little circles around the tip of your cock and I give you a knowing glance because I know that this sight is driving you wild.

Your cock is so hard and your cockhead is unbelievably swollen. Good thing we saved the drinking for after, because you certainly don't have whisky dick... Not at all. I want all of your creamy cum... I want to taste it, to have the flavour remain on my tongue for the rest of the evening. As you flood my mouth, I decide to be just a little bit more impish and silly, poking up at your nose and exchanging playful words while my mouth is still full of your cum.

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