Chloe Morgane

Finding Pleasure in the Shadows

Finding Pleasure in the Shadows

06:12 Min. Video

The sun seduces my skin, just as my mouth seduces yours. Your cock is at my disposal, just as my breasts are at yours. When I feel you caressing my body as I slide my lips up and down your cock, I know that this is going to be incredible. In the shadows, our pleasure is found, while the light illuminates our sensual experiences. Your hands are just wild, tracing every inch of my body, feeling the silkiness of my sweet polkadot and purple floral panties...

While your hand finds its way up to my neck, I can barely acknowledge your touch because I'm so caught up in this incredibly sensual blowjob. I stay here while you thrust into my mouth and your fingers make gentle circles against my scalp. You bring back my attention when you lightly tug at the base of my hair, which brings me right back to stroking you while sucking you, taking back the control.

There's a pause for a second to remove a hair, because that's real life, but soon I'm back to our seductive blowjob where the shadow meets the light. I want to give you incredible pleasure, so I stroke you faster and faster while sucking your cock until you have no choice but to give me exactly what I want. You moan and groan while your balls pulsate for me, shooting rope after rope of creamy cum right into my mouth.

I lap up every drop and stroke you lovingly, even though you're obviously a little extra sensitive after such an intense orgasm. That's part of the fun. As I come up to shower you with kisses, you smile a sweet private smile in the shadows, all for me. I curl up beside you, laying across your body as you caress me again and we get ready to doze off in the light.

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