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Hot Spurt of Cum

Hot Spurt of Cum

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Whenever I wear pink, I always feel so delicate and sweet and I end up with a really strong desire to give a blowjob. It's just that I am so in love with my boyfriend and I want to make him feel good with my mouth. I get the craving to have his heat against my lips as I kiss the tip and take it deeper, sucking him to hardness while I gently fondle his balls. His eyes dance, focusing on my round little ass in my cute pink panties.

I take him all the way, deep throating him right to the base, licking his balls momentarily before coming back all the way off, creating perfect suction while looking up at him with my big, sweet eyes. His cock head gets so swollen and I find myself straining to get it all the way to the back, but I keep going because I love him and I know it feels so good.

His hands run through my hair and I feel his cock pulsate. I know he's getting close, so I start to stroke him into my mouth while still lavishing attention on the head with my tongue. He starts to spasm involuntarily and I feel each hot spurt of cum hit the back of my throat, swallowing it all lovingly and then coyly looking up at him with complete bliss and satisfaction.

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