Chloe Morgane

Cool Tiles on our Skin

Cool Tiles on our Skin

05:37 Min. Video

When the days start to warm up, I am like a cat. I search for cool, smooth surfaces to stretch out on. You come to join me, marveling at my funny little habit, and this invariably turns into a beautiful blowjob. My soft skin is pressed up against the cool tiles of our kitchen floor, the pale light bathing us both as I suck your cock with love and affection. I want to be sweet for you, to be your loving girl, making you feel oh so good with my mouth as we enjoy this lovely moment together.

There's a sensuality as I start to suck with more intensity and sensation, getting up onto my knees for a better blowjob angle. My panties tease you in their light turquoise hue, somehow fitting this kind of sweet sexuality of a spring day in the kitchen together. My pink lips slide up and down your shaft, sometimes breaking away to kiss along your length or to focus attention on your swollen cockhead. When my tongue peeks out, it's to circle the tip or to flick and lick you gently. My hand works together with my mouth, holding your cock steady as I work my magic on you.

This almost feels mundane in its gentleness, but each time I take you down deep, it feels like that first electric moment I placed my mouth on your cock and you just knew that some day we'd be right here, cooling down on the floor and getting silly and frisky together. As I hear your familiar moans, your cum flows into my mouth and I stroke and squeeze your cock get every last drop. As you come down from your orgasm, you stroke my back and we contemplate the day.

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