Chloe Morgane

A Flower in my Hair, a Naughty Look in my Eyes

A Flower in my Hair, a Naughty Look in my Eyes

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I feel deliciously feminine with a flower in my hair. My gorgeous red curls fit perfectly with my little pink flower. Sometimes I just sit on the bed in my lingerie and wait for you to find me. I live in my little daydream, imagining just how it will feel to have you in my mouth, slowly sliding down my throat as my lips hit the base of your shaft. I get so overcome that I start to blush. When you come in and catch me mid-fantasy, I can't help but act a little coy with you, since you obviously know what was going on in my mind. The tables turn as I take off my bra, slowly seducing you with the promise of a glimpse at my breasts. When I finally disrobe completely, a little rolling around and teasing will bring you to the brink. I want you to make my fantasy a reality.

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