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Beauty in Pink and Intense Orgasm

Beauty in Pink and Intense Orgasm

05:04 Min. Video

I love to feel your cock up against my breasts, my soft skin against your rigid shaft. As I squeeze them together, I feel you tense up against me, almost straining to get a sensual blowjob as the tip points in the general direction of my mouth. I know that's what you ultimately want, but I want to tease you first so I really make you want it. My pink panties tantalize you, feeling beautiful and soft as I lovingly wrap you up in my pillowy breasts.

My hands find their way to your shaft, stroking you in teasing circles to get you rock hard for me. Once you're amazingly stiff, I take you into my mouth, giving you a deep and passionate blowjob. My lips slide up and down, pausing to lick and tease your frenulum before going back to the loving, tempered sucking. My lip and tongue wander around your cock, finding all sorts of ways for this blowjob to be truly loving and amazing. My red hair teases your balls, getting in the way as the sucking gets more and more intense. I toss my locks aside, shifting positions and getting into a position to show off the curve of my behind in these cute pink panties.

I feel so beautiful when I make you feel good like this. A blowjob can be such a truly gorgeous experience, and I feel so much deep love and connection every time your cock hits the back of my throat. My hand doubles up the intensity as my tongue swirls around your cockhead, cycling back to deep throating, then back to my hands, then back to teasing licks... It's too much to bare. Here comes the beautiful moment when I make you moan and groan like never before, filling my mouth with all your beautiful cum. That was quite an intense orgasm... And I love it.

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