Chloe Morgane

All in my Mouth

All in my Mouth

09:15 Min. Video

Nuzzled up against your leg on an easy day, I feel your hardening cock toussling my hair. I know that's an odd image, but that's exactly what's going on and it's working for me. My red ringlets rest against your shaft, teasing you as you become more and more aroused. I respond by kissing along your length, breaking into gentle licks with the tip of a pointed tongue, broadening until I'm there, sucking on the tip of your cock as this loving blowjob reaches its full potential. I want it all in my mouth, so I'm going to need to make you come for me, aren't I?

Every time I take you deep, I get the sensation that your cock pulsates as you reach the back of my throat. I wrap my whole hand around your balls, squeezing ever so gently as you slide effortlessly in and out of my mouth. This is the kind of blowjob that I love on lazy days like today: slow, languid, with so much sensual buildup. When I lick along the side of your shaft, it's not my tongue, it's concentrated warmth and wetness urging your balls to empty themselves into my mouth. Every time I suck on your cockhead before taking you deep, I'm using suction to coax your cum to find its way to my mouth. The tip of your cock rubbing against my lips is simply about showing you the way. It's right here. This is where I want you to experience your beautiful, passionate, intense orgasm.

Licking your balls always feels especially sensual to me. I can feel them shift and change under my tongue, signifying your impending cascade in to moans and writhing, spurting shot after shot of warm cream into my hungry mouth. I know it's not just yet, so I pause for a moment to groom you. Wouldn't want anything to get in the way. As I come back to teasing you, it's right where we left off. It's passionate and loving, kneading your balls with my palm while my lips slide effortlessly up and down your shaft. My hands become more and more involved as you get closer, feeling the sinewy and stiff cock as I pump you with everything I have at my disposal.

The climax of this beautiful blowjob is so close, I can almost taste it. You thrust up to match my downwards motion, meeting together in the middle in a gorgeous union. I can hardly control my deep need for your cum, so the sound of your grunts is music to my ears. I take it all. Every last drop sucked right out of your cock. I keep it in my mouth as I lavish attention on your cock, finally swallowing it greedily with just a little glaze on my lips as a reminder.

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