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Yes, I love Anal

Anal play with my black dildo was my plan for this afternoon. The shape of this sex toy is perfect for ass play. It's narrow at the head, and gets progressively wider. It slides in my asshole with ease.

As I lick my black dildo, my mind is already in the future, imagining the feel of it gliding inside. It might be why I didn't overdue the licking to get it all lubed out. Still, when I push the toy in, it doesn't offer any resistance. It's so perfect between my round, and soft butt cheeks, sliding in, sliding out.

When I feel my asshole is relaxed enough, I push the dildo a little further. It gently stretches my ass, and the sensations are delightful. I'm aroused, and want to feel the dildo deeper and deeper inside me. The rhythm of each thrust gets faster. Deeper, faster, and bigger.

My free hand reaches my pussy, and I play with my clitoris at the same time I'm sliding my toy in ans out of my ass. It doesn't take much time before I reach orgasm. My pussy, and my ass are pulsating in echo of my deep moans of pleasures.

Yes, I love anal play.

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