Anal Sex After Sex and a Big Butt Plug in my Ass

Redhead <? echo AUTHOR_NAME; ?> - Anal Sex After Sex and a Big Butt Plug in my Ass

My hand caresses my body and goes between my thighs. I moaned softly as my fingers trace their way to my clit. A slight touch and I'm soaking wet. I love the way that it feels. I can't help but moan as my fingers move further up my inner thighs. You caress my tits gently as your hands, rub my body. I want you to touch my pussy as well. I am feeling a twinge of arousal, and I want you to know how aroused I am. You teased me with the butt plug, rubbing it on my leg and butt. It feels so naughty to think about what you're going to do to me with this butt plug. You wet it a little and as you're pushing the butt plug a little deeper each time, your free hand plays with my pussy. A loud moan of pain escapes my lips as you pushed the butt plug entirely inside my ass. The short burst of pain transformed into into pure delight and intense pleasure.

Plunging your cock between my dripping pussy lips, nothing between the meeting of our flesh, just the delight of you and the butt plug filling me. Feeling your body pound me, your strong hand holding me tight, I encouraged you to do more. You slide your hard cock all the way inside my tight and wet pussy, filling both my holes. I can feel you throb inside of me and it feels incredible. My pussy is tight and you feel the butt plug, adding pressure, making the sensation even more intense. Your cock is pushing deep inside of me, filling both of my tight assholes and wet pussy. You thrust faster and deeper and I can feel the butt plug pressing in against the walls of my pussy.

It's so hot, I'm so horny for you, but now I really want your hard cock in my asshole. Your cock is so hard, I now you want to pound it in my tight asshole. You're so big and I know it's going to hurt when you'll push your dick deep in my ass, but I want you to fuck my ass. I close my eyes and tell myself I am just a filthy little whore who wants a big dick to fuck her tight little asshole. You change position so now you can fuck my ass from behind. I open for you, letting you in even if I feel that it may hurt when you slide your big dick in my tight asshole. You're pushing your thick cock in and out and my tight ass is so full of you.

I want to cum. You've fucked me so good, I can't help but get a little close to orgasm. I moan softly at first, but my pleasure builds up in intensity as you are now pounding my ass. You're going faster and deeper until you fill me with your cum and it felt so good and warm in my tight ass.

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