Chloe Morgane

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Naughty Morning Masturbation

I showered, did my hair, put on a little make-up and dressed in a simple pair of boy short panties. I only had to brush my teeth and finish getting dressed. That's how every naughty morning masturbation starts.

The sight of my bare breasts reflecting in the mirror titillated my senses. I stroked my body, my hands slipped in the small fold of my ass and that was it. I was excited. Wet. I put my hand in my pants and I inserted two fingers into my pussy. I made them slid. Inside, outside, inside, outside and with my other hand, I rolled my clit.

All these feelings led me to tilt my pelvis front to back, the movement, emphasizing my desire and my pussy pulsing around my fingers until I felt it coming. I had an orgasm looking at myself in the mirror.

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