Chloe Morgane

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Film me While I Suck Your Dick and Have a Butt Plug in my Ass

You like to film me while I suck your dick. This way, you can go back to the video and re-watch it where ever you feel like it. You make sure to have a shot where you play with my big tits while I have your cock in my mouth. Don't forget to get a good take on my little ass, especially that I have a surprise for you.

I'm taking my blue jeans down and pushing my panties aside. I have something to show you. I spread my ass and there it is, a butt plug has been stretching my asshole for you to look at in the mirror behind me. You think this is really hot and you love to see the black butt plug and my pussy lips. I can feel it because your cock is pulsing and getting bigger in my mouth. I suck your dick and play with the butt plug in my ass, sliding it in and out.

You're very horny and your hands can't get enough of me. They grab my boobs for a moment and another moment they're all over my pussy. You feel how wet I am and it makes you even harder in my mouth. I feel you're going to come and pump you with my hand and my mouth. You warm creamy cum fills my mouth and I make sure I get every last drop of it.

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